Stealth Nerf to Crafting Exp?

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Crafting T3 Foundations used to give around 3000+ exp per craft, not amazing - but a decent dent in the leveling grind post the POI exp nerf.

Now, crafting T3 Foundations only rewards 100 exp per craft.

The consistent stealth nerfing of exp is extremely counter productive towards any sort of growth expectations of this game. Dedicated players are already established across most servers, and implementing changes which lengthen the time for new players joining a server to get caught up… is actually detrimental toward server health and population.

Yes, getting from 1-40 with Journeys is cake, i’m talking about 40-60 which post POI nerf required crafting (now nerfed to nothing) and killing (if I wanted to grind horrible AI PvE mobs i’d play another game).

Yes, I understand this could be considered an anti-zerg server swap mechanic. i.e. Funcom wants to stop groups of 10+ people bouncing to multiple servers… wiping out players, and then moving on. This current stealth nerf exp system though is a negative experience for players who are NOT doing that, and as such causes more harm then help. If you want to reduce server bouncing, then simply add in some system specific to characters on other servers - i.e. if you have 1 char across all servers, you get 200% normal exp, if you have 2 char’s you get 100% normal exp, 3 char’s 50% etc…etc. this would at least force the server bouncing people to delete their old chars - removing buildings and impact on their old servers.


Vaults vaults vaults :wink: 300k xp a piece still I believe .


Make reinforced stone instead of black ice.

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