Stealth warpaint or the new body suit?

So I take my thrall to the sunken City to gather some scales, and when I get back to my main base from teleporting, she is in a full pink bodysuit. It literally looks like she was painted.

No idea why or how this happened, another FC first for me. I did not even have any war paint in my inventory.

2022-12-28 18_15_29-Window


Maybe she’s allergic to fish…

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She needs some cream :worried:

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Oh that does not look healthy…

I also had a “haha wtf” moment today:

Mmmm the new rubber suit…. Anyone got an eggplant?

Pink guy has returned and HE’S A…n NPC in Conan Exiles? WHAT DID CHIN CHIN DO TO YOU? NOOOOHOOHOHOOO!!

ahem On a more serious note - This seems like a potential object chunk load error. Not sure if Objects are loaded in chunks but visibly that’s the only thing that would make sense to me. That or Pink Guy actually has returned :kkona:

Oh, I’ve also found a command that may help with it. It’s RecompileShaders all and it recompiles all the shaders. could work, not sure tho.

Nice feature.

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