Steam Controller Bug that hasn't gone away


Grab a PC, Conan Exiles, and a Steam Controller!

  • Go into your inventory to sort items by weight, etc.
    … wait a minute - you cant. (The menu is totally locked and not clickable)

*** Workaround for you steam controller fanatics (I even use it for WoW) :slight_smile:

  • Log in WITHOUT the controller plugged in
  • Go to inventory and you can ‘magically’ select the drop down menu to sort by weight.
  • log out (could work not logging out - mileage varies) :wink:
  • plug in controller, and its good to go.

I mentioned this a long time ago, but don’t believe it was an official bug thread - so here it is.


Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Hey @Dhaylen

That’s an odd one. Just in case, do you happen to have any other model of controller to check if this issue does also happen with other controllers than the Steam Controller?

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Sorry, I only have a Steam Controller.
(Tried it on two of them)

Im using:

  • Asus Rog

  • Core i7

  • Geforce GTX 960M

  • I have actually had about 4 different characters since pre-launch of the game.
    (So this has been a consistent issue)

If need be, I suppose I can get a screenshot @Ignasi
However, not much to show except what was mentioned, which was:

a: If you start with Steam Controller, and go to inventory there is absolutely no way to get the drop down to show as a drop down.
i.e. Its locked on custom, I believe it is. (I always go for sort heaviest first)
b: You then have to log out to menu and log in again to the single-player game
The catch is - if you forget to do this to your crafting tables, it will do the same

  • There is an exception…
    As of now, I have everything sorted to Heaviest first
    (did the step mentioned as a workaround to be able to even select the option)
  • I now have access, WITH Steam Controller to everything - after having done the workaround…
    … EXCEPT the main item menu is ‘locked’
    (Fortunately its locked to sort by heaviest - but, while using the controller, this menu does permanently stay fixed.)

Sorry if its wordy - but hopefully it helps.
Thanks for looking into this - its not a deal breaker, but if settings get reset (i.e. reinstall, etc.) it is a bit of a hassle.
And as mentioned Ive already had more than a handful of characters. :slight_smile:

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