Steam Family Sharing and Placed Thralls/Pets (possible glitch)

Family Shared Steam accounts was ‘discouraged’ a while back by Funcom, but it is still accessible via private and solo platforms (hence why this is posted here and not as a possible BUG).

An ‘interesting’ possible glitch for anyone that does the shared steam family account, even if it is to briefly keep ankle-biters (of all ages) quiet whilst ‘the adults are talking’. I’d suggest players just be careful as it appears it may cause conflicts that could lead to the losing all your pets and thrall followers (not crafters) [Funcom peeps can comment if this rings a bell]

I login in daily on all my servers. All thralls/pets have tons of food. In spite of that,
I saw today that all placed followers (thralls/pets) have disappeared/wandered off/died. I have none now. This only affected already placed thralls/pets.

This happily has not affected any other players on the server to my knowledge so it’s not likely a mod update or the like.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has ever experienced magical desertions like this, and also have shared Steam Family active?

Did you leave your clan with your main account? The only time this happened to me was when I moved my main char with Pippi to help another player and the only other char in my clan was the family shared alt.

Oh really? I am (almost) sure I have done that more than once before without noticing a follower issue…will check. I wonder if there’s a file somewhere that can be backed up? Thanks @Narelle as always!
(damn those dratted needy players! :smiley: )

PS: Funcom lurkers, Admins should have a targeted mini-meteor storm command to use against evil players. Just saying.

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For me it happened when my main was a clan leader and my alt was 2nd in the clan. I hadn’t logged the alt for some time. I moved my main char to another clan for a moment to help them via Pippi. My explanation is that at this point the alt was the only one in clan and due to me not logging it for a while the decay system considered my clan inactive and wiped my followers as they are tied up to the player login. My buildings were ok luckily as they run on a separate timer.

P.S. Pippi has a target meteor command too :wink: @Larathiel uses it regularly


Honestly, the meteor command is what keeps me going some days. :wink:

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I remember way, way back Josh, the Evil and Slothful, messaging me that PIPPI meteor command. I think he still smirks about how it originally turned out on first use. I am absolutely not surprised at @Larathiel (or any Admin) being addicted to its use :smiley:

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