Steam game uninstalling/can't verify, causing ingame issues


A few days ago, following the “Naked & Afraid in Agartha” incident and subsequent patch, Steam (for some reason) suddenly listed SWoLe as not being installed. Puzzled, I set it to install again and left it to do so.

I was able to play fine after that, but noticed that there now seemed to be some pretty horrible lag, which I attributed to the release of a new feature and mostly ignored.

It persisted. In fact, it got worse.

Today, after restarting my computer, I noticed that Steam once again listed SWoLe as not being installed (literally all of my hundreds of other games are just fine), so I went to the game properties to see if I could verify the files, and could not. I had it install the game AGAIN, and noticed that this time around it said that I was low on disk space. Without bothering to check where the game files might be, I cleared up some disk space and let it reinstall a third time.

At this point, the ingame lag was borderline unbearable, making parts of the game unplayable. When my zones would finally load, the initial area would usually be just fine, but if I moved a hundred metres or so in any direction, the textures would get wonky, I’d clip through objects and terrain, and NPCs/enemies/objects would fail to load (though in some cases, I’d be able to interact with an object, fight a monster, or “see” an NPC that wasn’t loaded in front of me). Several times, I would zone into a new area and find that if I took so much as one step forward, I’d start falling “through” the terrain; interestingly enough, the game (on the map and everything, though map backgrounds also did not load) would think I was moving forward, still, and missions would turn themselves in or monsters would attack me, despite the appearance of falling through the world.

This has never happened before. What might I do to rectify this? I have submitted two ingame bug reports with screenshots.