Steam Goes offline = kicked off servers, redux

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Launch game followed by being kicked off server for ‘loss of internet’ while actively able to access websites and streaming services (aka: internet working fine)

Attempt to restart game, informed I have no internet service… while able to access other sites online and verify the game server is still up and running.

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Irrelevant as this is a game service issues

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  1. Step 1 : launch game
  2. Step 2 : attempt to join server
  3. Step 3 : unable due to steam service offline
  4. wander off to play a game that doesn’t kick me off due to failures of other services

Removing dependence on 3rd party services, when?

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Hi @IPL_Victim

Is this issue occurring on any of our official servers as well?
Also can you verify and see that you are using Steam in Online mode and nor Offline?
You can read more about that here: Steam Support :: Offline Mode.

I have not accessed any official servers in the past and so can’t confirm whether or not it affected access to them… do your official servers not rely on the same verification service? The Private Server is hosted on G-portal and I was able to verify it was up at the time via the g-portal website.

I am using Steam in Online Mode (by default). When this issue occurred yesterday, I tried restarting steam. At that point, steam failed to connect to online mode and asked if I wished to start in offline mode. After several attempts, I was able to log into steam online again, connect to the private server, only to almost immediately get disconnected again due to ‘lack of internet’.

I checked online sources that seemed to confirm that steam was experiencing issues. Just by being able to check online sources, and other webpages and streaming services, I was able to determine that my internet service was working correctly.

No. They dont. Funcom live services are routed through a Microsoft server. I always forget the name of it, but hundreds of games use it.

Playfab. It was up during last nights events.

Steam was down for hour or so last night. (I read this thread other day, as I happen be playing no man sky, and couldn’t upload data since steam was being weird.

Wasn’t just Conan Exiles.
Thou I think TC was hoping for no disconnects when Steam does it weird stuff. As I’m able play MH-Rise(but can’t be played offline…lol) and NMS when Steam goes dumb. But CE will drop you like bag of bricks.


Yes, not being kicked off a stable server because Steam (or whatever other service is in use) is having issues after logging in would be swell.

Having a limited window of opportunity to game and then having that window abruptly closed is resulting in bruised fingers. again. this isn’t the first time this has happened over the past several weeks.

Does CE constantly poll the authentication server at steam?
On launch: is this a valid user? ‘yes’ okay proceed.
5 minutes later: is this a valid user? ‘authentication server unavailable’ BOOT TO DA FACE!

I understand you are angry but how often has this happened to you? In my experience it happens very rarely to be something to be so persistent about.

Angry? Is that how I am coming off? I thought my posts have been quite civil.

Frequent enough to be: Annoyed. Definitely. Frustrated. Yes.

Resorting to failed humor in an attempt to find answers… probably.

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It happens once a week, every time steam servers go down for maintenance every time at or around 6PM CDT.

It then lasts for about 30 minutes and sometimes sporadically happens throughout the night.

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