Steam os Support?

hi there, yesterday i installed on my machine steam os, and i try to use on aoc but not have support on that plataform, just my question is if possibe available on this os comming soon ?

I have had steam support for aoc. Under Library, and the aoc game-right side under links click the button that says Support. It gives a menu and contact info for the game. Hope that helps.

since steam os is basically a linux from valve you’d need to emulate it in wine or something like that, if that is even possible. dont count on a port from funcom. aoc is in maintenance mode. also valve abandoned steam os a while ago therefor it would be a terrible decision to support that os…

no away the game on steam os… crap.

FINALLY!!! Some friend let me try in virtual box for make it a ditro linux in ubuntu 64 Mint. Inside so you need install playonlinux app. We need export a folder aoc on linux from windows or other media. keep calm, get playonlinux list and put “age of conan” and appear on list for a normal install :smiley: but if you want to be run the folder exported ends more faster and have ir exported to the ui , only need to make it the bindings on game and finally end. In somes days i try to bring a new hdd for install native Mint and have it a grub for the 2 S.O. Windows 10 and Mint Distro, and try the graphycs and the engine how away :slight_smile: after this i can keep relaxed for the windows 10 end the upgrades and ending teh eco system update, just is sad, all my live using windows and now i go to change user linux, tottally noob on this so. The reasson, easy… Windows 11 use tpm 2.0 and bootsecure, and i dont want expedn my money on other computer… i see windows 11 runing ona normal computer without tpm and run via bypass, but microsoft say, “final version not is possible the bypass” and if you do dont retrive updates for this computer…

Well finally i give the thanks to my friend Alberto!! Thanks Alberto you are a Genious!!

i hope the peopple want to try aoc in linux now know how to do :smiley: