(Steam) Passes through launcher, gets stuck on splash


I’m currently launching Secret World Legends through Steam. I haven’t played since before the rebranding was done.

I’ll start the program, and it runs through the patch process. I’ve been experimenting with fixes that have worked for others. It successfully runs through the patch process, comes to the Start Game button, which I click. It then loads the mini splash, and then gets stuck there. If I click away from it, then come back, it drops a windows error, giving the option to close the program or wait for it to respond.

And I apparently can’t include either pictures or links, so I suppose I just have to hope this makes sense.

If you don’t click away and just wait does it still crash?

On the patcher, suggest making sure youre on window (borderless).

No, it doesn’t crash. It just stays there for…maybe not forever, but as long as I have the patience to stare at it while doing nothing else.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the result is the same.