Steam Share gameplay

Hey So some friends and I just started playing conan. WE love it!

I have a question though, one of my friends and his son wants to play us together. His son has the game he does not. They use steam share with his family and tried out the game. He is considering getting it for his account so they can both play with us.

my question is, if he has played the game with steam share and he buys it legit for his account, will the game make him make a new character or can he use the one he made while using the game in steam share?

He can keep using the same one. The license (which he’s borrowing/sharing right now) is separate from his Steam ID (which will remain the same). The character is stored with the Steam ID.

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Huh, well that’s neat. Good to know.


Awesome. Now I can confidently buy a new license for my wife. Thanks Mikey!

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