Stelagel is going to play Barbaric mode at 0.2x XP rate

I think one of my faves, was picked up gear only. Thou abit frustrating if you can’t get tools to drops. But itlest blood tools are on head hunter vendors…

Thou that meant little reason to own a base outside a few crafting stations.


Here’s a challenge for you Stel, yes, you can have a base and can upgrade it from T1 to T3, but it must be light enough to carry in your inventory without being over encumbered

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So, with everything i read in here here’s what i suggest!
Barbaric mode!
Xp x0.2
Night cycle longest possible
Npc respawn 4
No sorcery
No khitan karavans
No legendary weapons until lvl 60 (any)
No followers at all
No map rooms
Maximum 10 beds or bedrolls and maximum 10 deaths
No looting weapons and tools higher than the ones she can craft.

Role play!
Bella must fix a cabin on starting river and dominate all the starting river area opening all the exile camps and kill the crocodile .
If Bella succeed then she must visit all the darfari camps and kill the abysmal.
Then Bella must move to the jungle north visit all the black hand camps and kill the locust
Then she must visit Buccaneers bay and kill the captain
Then the lemurian camps and kill the witch queen
Then she must go to the mount of the dead visit all the forgotten tribe camps and kill the barrow king.
Then visit new Asgard, visit all the camps and kill the legion knight
Then camp in the pilgrim, visit all the volcano area and kill the serpent king and finally return to the sinkhole to kill the undead dragon.
Before she remove her bracelet she has to learn the Belly dance from Den.
Bella can only visit Sepermeru after the death of witch queen!
Bella cannot visit biomes higher from the ones she is allowed to.
She can fix anything she likes or need!
She cannot visit the unnamed city unless the journey steps indicates it!

@Xevyr, if you agree, copy paste the rules and i start.

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I don’t think this one is needed, since you’ll try to die as few times as possible anyway and we don’t want you failing the challenge due to deaths and having to stop halfway through because of this :slight_smile:

The rest seems fine :slight_smile: (let’s not forget the 20 IRL pushups every time you die LOL jk)

  • XP 0.2x
  • Barbaric mode
  • Long night cycle
  • No khitan caravans or legendary weapons till max level
  • Instead of “no followers” I actually think you should have some weird pet like an Ostrich :smiley: (Funcom said they brought pets on par amongst themselves so let’s put that to the test), you can replenish that bird in case it dies :smiley:
  • No fast travel
  • You can get sorcery just for illusions if you want
  • Using weapons crafted by you.
  • And most importantly (here is where your roleplay list comes in), trying to stick to the “intended” gameplay. Which means no shenanigans or “exploits” / skipping content to gain advantages :slight_smile: That’s roughly a short description of your list…

That sound good?


Deal :rofl:, but until the time i will be able to visit this nordeim camp i will do the pushup for my Bella, a good chance to loose some kilos too :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Music in my ears…
Let the games begin :metal:


Thats… a long list there Stelagel, honestly I’d probably lose track, I’d probably need a ref or something.

(especially for the push-ups :stuck_out_tongue: )

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So settings

Best npc opponent



Starting river dominate mission completet!

Darfari here i come!

Edit, journey steps so far


@stelagel – how does the game feel under these settings and conditions? Share with us your impressions after the first day of playing like this.

  • What do you like?
  • What do you dislike?
  • What surprised you in playing this way?
  • What would you continue to do in other play sessions (settings you would keep in the future) after you complete this journey and “beat the map”?
  • What would you do different in the future (in other play sessions after you “beat this map”)?

Yes!!! we need like… hourly reports at least :smiley: especially about the pushups!


I want to point out, even at 0.1 Multiplier, 1.0 Monster Kills is basiclly uneffected.
At 0.2 Monster Kills Dregs Boss is almost 1/3 of a level. Alot of Bosses(mini and normal(not even 3 skulls) will hand out chunks of Exp with 1.0

I mostly run 0.2 Multi.
Time at 0.1 (I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it move much… ps4 wouldnt let you drop it to zero(at time)
Kills 0.2. Small stuff still works. Boss still hand out abit of chunks. (so there worth hunting down just for exp)
Harvest 1.0 (never really noticed it move)
Crafting at 0.5 (before hammer. This was 2nd way get exp next to Journey Steps)

its about as close to Disc version(no patches) I could get it. (0.2 Multi and 0.2 kills )
Journey Steps and Finding Locations got nerfed, but both don’t seem to be tied to Multiplier in any form.

Turn off catch up Time.
Start a Game, (make character) Log out of game, and back in. (for what ever reason check box doesn’t work right) this way you can trigger night going thru starter area, and even get hit by sandstorm. =3

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I had to choose between 0.1 and 0.6. Unfortunately on ps4 you cannot adjust as you wish :confused:. Or maybe i suffer a bug i haven’t noticed. Nothing in purpose to do something different than @Xevyr asked.

I will go to the kitchen to fix a coffee first and i will edit.
Good morning. :metal:

Nostalgia! This is the best feeling i got so far playing this session. Years now I restart and grow characters completely different. In this session i started building and growing to my very first choice when i started the game, that i have so many years to do so this nostalgia feeling is beautiful!

That no matter what, these “noob” days will not come back the way they were. We have no more the element of surprise. In this area i know every single rock, every single spawn, so there’s nothing to surprise you, except a greater hyena of curse :rofl::rofl::rofl:, run…

The tweak of longest nights.
The moon is beautiful in exile lands and it’s more static, so it’s more real! I love nights in this game. I was using the day to do all my running out working and nights to do things in base. But sometimes, my toon is sitting and gaze the moon and i roll my cigarette. It doesn’t sound as a reward, but it’s all i need!

Very important questions. These questions will take answer at the end of this session. It’s unfair to answer from my first impression these questions.

Master bodin, i beg you to try it too. My goal is to play with you, all of you, i have no competitive character, i do all these just to play with friends and share experiences. We don’t and probably never have the chance to play together from different consoles. Playing role play stories, challenging or not, we expand the possibilities of pve, together, having fun, true fun.


Max it out, then tap it back down. 0.5 returns!

Wish they would fix that… luckly, my pre-load save was from DISC only(no patches) So few of options stayed locked in at values. =3
For longest time, I could use 1st person combat. Depsite option being missing and off.

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Okay. Trying it out. Though, I’ll make four changes:

  1. Followers – I absolutely love the thralls in Conan Exiles. But in the spirit of the above rules, I’ll only have base thralls (no human followers); one pet following only (since Funcom has recently done some pet balancing)
  2. The Exiled Lands map, after playing on it for years, is pretty well memorized. So, I’ll play on the Savage Wilds mod map. Its not as familiar (which means, surprises). But in the spirit of the above rules, I’ll work my way through the map, one “zone” at a time.
  3. Followers can only be “mercenaries” (no slaves). In other words, no Wheel of Pain, no truncheons, no bindings… the only way to acquire a human thrall will be through an NPC vender exchanging minted coins to “purchase” a random mercenary (which is a feature on the Savage Wilds map). So, I won’t be able to pick and choose which thrall to get (I may get a good one or not).
  4. The Savage Wilds map has Caravan points for fast travel. So, in the spirit of the rules above, no using Caravans to get around the map quicker. The one exception will be for areas of the map (like dungeon locations) that cannot be accessed without using a Caravan point. But other than that, no fast travel or map rooms or anything like that.

So, I think that’s pretty close to the rules. I do have a question about Purge settings (use Purges or not and if so, what level).

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Thank you @Bodin :metal:.
Play as it pleases you. We play above all for fun, so if you love purges then YES, why should you deny a mechanic you love?
If you play on normal map you can always buy a mercenary from Buccaneers bay, or two :man_shrugging:.

Now the story part…
Since i visited all the Darfari camps (it has more but it’s risky to open other biomes too so i stay in this area)

Pick up some dances too…

I went to the abysmal…

Then i went to my albino buddy to pay my respects and collect the staff to help me in my solidarity

Now the funny part… I am still lvl 16 :person_facepalming:t3:. But i am happy, i finally fixed a bed to sleep properly :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Tomorrow black hand camps and South jungle gets on the menu. Tbh, it will be much easier and way more profitable to start with south jungle first. North jungle biome is really harsh for my lvl and the game difficulty. So maybe i will start with south jungle instead!

Edit. @Xevyr, forgot to mention that the chick is growing in the pen :wink:. I will use it to help me carry things since i will fix a small cabin in jungle too!

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Oh, and I forgot one other rule I’m using:

  1. No skinning humans. All hides must come from animals or loot (whether drops or chests).
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Nice! I was wondering about that one :smiley:

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Made it to level 11. I like that the levels are going very slowly so I can enjoy the journey. However, I feel really weak and vulnerable especially since I take 20% more damage and dish out only 80% of what I’m used to doing. I actually have to carry and use healing potions now.

Conan Exiles like this feels rather different. Its too early to tell whether that’s good or bad, but some aspects are definitely good this way (like slower leveling).

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Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?

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Master @speedice, the host is @Xevyr, but surely you are invited more than i am :blush:.

So, are we playing with Permadeath rules?

I got a little overconfident and five Darfari pinned me. I got four of them, but alas, I did not survive. I guess I’ll start over.

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