Stelagel is going to play Barbaric mode at 0.2x XP rate


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No way. Why permadeath? Push ups optional of course :rofl::rofl::rofl:, but not permadeath at all. @Croms_Faithful said something about 10 bedrolls or ten deaths but i believe that push ups is way better.
I died from drowning, can you believe it :person_facepalming:t3:. I was searching for glowing coop in the jungle to repair my blue torch, from overf… ng confidence i didn’t had a bedroll in the jungle and i had to swim from my cabin to the jungle to gain my loot back :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, i am such an idiot sometimes (most of the times actually :rofl:) .

Was it the cook who did the job ? Most of the times i die in camps is the cook :laughing:.

So today…
I went to the jungle and pay my respects to the Queen. If you are slow to kill the second giant, you eventually have, the giant, the beams and the Queen :person_facepalming:t3:.
It was tough

I went to the Lemurians but i couldn’t farm these goodies, it would be a cheating, so i just gave a date for another day

I learned the Derketo religion, gathered some boose from the Lemurians and went drunk before the next fight.

I climbed tbh, i didn’t went from the front door, i may had a lot fire power with me but i wanted my durability to last for the next fights too.

I went to the locust too…

and then i could easily visit some more camps and biomes until my weapons broke completely and go to Petruso

I went back home, fixed a fish trap and a pot to plant seeds and at the time i took my first fish sandstorm arrived, i didn’t had fiber, sickle or wraps with me so i had to run back home, hopefully i didn’t had my second idiotic death of the day :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Aaaaand lvl 21 :person_facepalming:t3:, omg :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


Ok. Well, I started over and now up to level 7 again on the Savage Wilds map. I’m being more cautious this time. Got into a one on one fight with a Greatsword-weilding Darfari; he almost killed me. Severely wounded and getting hungry, I decided to leave the area quickly to nurse my wounds at my new home base by the water. Killed a few bunnies and had a satisfying meal. Meat is so much better than bugs and berries. Made a waterskin out of him, too.

I just wish I could make a tent instead of waiting to level 14 for an Artisan bench to craft what should be “stone tool” level camp site. Why Funcom stuck campsite stuff in the Artisan bench, I’ll probably never know. But my guess is someone “upstairs” wasn’t thinking about gameplay and thought everything else went in there, so put it in there, too.

Anyway, I have a small hut by the water, meat, small campfire, and a bed. Healing slowly, I can enjoy these small pleasures in life as a level 7.

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Exactly! The artisan bench was my first disappointment too!
I am not a great builder, but what’s a house without a couple decorations… just a couple and it feels different isn’t it? I have to wait to lvl 26 to upgrade a weapon or a tool :person_facepalming:t3:. Ofcurce in normal xp rates going to these lvls is pretty fast, so that’s the challenging part in here, but i really miss even a small weapon upgrade, the little things. That’s exactly what @Xevyr was seeking for us :wink:, so it worth the effort!

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Definitely! Under normal XP rates, I could hit level 30 in a day of just casual playing (not even trying). Fast XP works great for PvP servers and slow XP rates work great for RP and PvE servers.

Thank you, Funcom, for allowing us access to control our XP and other game “rules” for multiple play sessions. Customization is definitely something I really love about Conan Exiles.


Nothing wrong with a permadeath run, but I feel it may be better served as a separate run planned in advance. But still this is your challenge Stelagel and the decision rest with you. Please do not let me tell you what to do.

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I have made it to level 15 now. With the .2 XP setting, it feels like an accomplishment. I have also successfully cleared all Darfari camps (there really aren’t any Exile camps on Savage Wilds, so the Darfari are pretty much the lowest level NPCs to content with). And I have my Purge setting on level 4 with a 10,000 tick rate (that’s fairly quicker than standard gameplay settings.) I think level 4 is the guarantee for human only Purges (which is what I’m trying for).

However, there must have been some Darfari survivors after I cleared the camps (my Purge meter is nearly full).
I can hear the distant drumbeat of some very disturbed and angry cannibals.
Boom… boom… boom… The wildlife nearby seem restless.
Boom… boom… boom… There’s a disquieting calm across the sands.
Boom… boom… boom… Only the chilling, nightly desert winds whisper about the impending doom.
Boom… boom… boom… Its as if the world is holding its breath for something evil coming this way. Boom… boom… boom…

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So, @Xevyr , can we get in on this action?

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Ofc lol :slight_smile: I just listed it because @stelagel asked me to make a challenge thread about it. Everyone is free to use these rules to start a game and see if they enjoy it :slight_smile:

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These “challenges” are for all of us to play together! You don’t need to ask, you just hop in and play. Please share experiences :pray:t6:

So today!
Before i start i really have to mention something here!
This guy with iron weapon is really tough. Normally i avoid him the first 2 hours until i get my first legendary. I really remember why i was afraid of these guys this constant slapping is a bit annoying. Soon enough i managed to understand that you need to take some distance from him to do his jump attack so you’ll get a window to hit. I may have used almost 30 weak aloe extracts until i understand what to do and how to finish the battle!

Back to the story
I visited Sepermeru



And i took the road to the mount of the dead. In the way… This moon…

Blue skeletons are really good for xp farming, but this 0.1 after lvlv12 is so damn difficult to rize… Ofcurce the Barrow king is easy even in barbaric mode, he should be a bit harder if you ask me :confused:. It’s more difficult to deal with the blue ones guarding his entrance than the boss…

Tomorrow new Asgard and black keep is on the menu.
Lvl 22 :person_facepalming:t3:. I believe that i will end this game before i will lvl up to even upgrade anything :rofl::rofl::rofl:. But this is it :man_shrugging:.

@speedice, i couldn’t set my xp on 0.2, i had only 0.1 and 0.6 choices, can you do it on ps5?

@Bodin, please upload photos :pray:t6:


Revenge of the Darfari

Late in the warm evening as I had just returned home, word reached me that the Darfari survivors had gathered for one large aggressive response. Fortunately, I had just finished my second, upgraded base with a better defensive location than my first primitive hut. Still only Sandstone, it at least had the advantage of being set the center of a small pond (serving as a natural moat for my ‘would be’ castle). Primitive in architectural design, it definitely catered to the ‘function over fashion’ approach.

My humble base sat peacefully among the palms. Would we survive the forthcoming militancy of the unrelenting horde? Would its function prove to be sustainable? We are about to find out…

The Darfari descended upon my base from all sides. Like snakes looking for a sumptuous meal, they slithered up to my home. But being unable to swim, they were forced to redirect their attack to my front Flotsam gate where I was waiting for them.

Many Darfari died that day. The battle raged all afternoon and into the night. Wave upon wave descended upon my home and wave after wave were defeated and driven back. The foolish endeavors of these ravenous cannibals could not be understated.

But alas, my faithful protector, Ollie, a lonely pup I rescued from Muran city, died defending me and our home. It was a very sad day. I shall, indeed, mourn his passing.

Alone again, I will continue to press onward. Perhaps this place should be abandoned? The Darfari clearly know I am here and they’ll likely be back again.


AWESOME :star_struck:. YOU ROCK :metal:.
I wish I could place 10 hearts at once.

I would assume clicking barbaric as game mode, then custom maybe?

Multiplier being down low doesn’t hurt to much. Even If other setting are giving max.
Journey steps alone on lowest setting can get you to 30-35ish Leaving only last 10ish to do.

Once your strong enough to handle anything in North, They drop lots of exp (even at 0.1)

Console Slider basicly stuck till they allow us to slowly snail slide… having flash backs of horror
Or allow manual type in’s. (which works on PC) Seem like they could add that to a few of options.

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Let’s expand here a little!
The first day, before i read the rule about no legendary weapons,in my first 2 and a half hours i was already lvl 20! Why?
Simple as that legendary weapons! Legendary weapons give you speed on slaying, making each minion fight easier and faster and boss fights as they supose to be. Iron weapons with the combination of low levels makes the minion fights, boss fights! So you end up avoiding fights and do only the necessary.
Legendary weapons makes you the slayer of the area, a tornado that leaves nothing standing on your passage. No matter the difficulty you play or the xp rates, if you want to lvl up fast legendary weapons are the “key”. Not now, since the beginning and that’s exactly the reason legendary weapons were obtainable after lvl 60.
What they didn’t expect was to see people fixing colossal constructions tier 3 with steel weapons and tools. You cannot imagine how many people i met in the past in servers, that never fixed something “bigger” than steel. Even black ice was a great no for them, it was “dangerous”.
Now legendary weapons not only are obtainable for low levels, but from merchants too.
If i had any legendary weapon this session would be over by now and even though the rates are 0.1 i would be more than lvl 50 for sure.
In another role play story we will fix in the future we will play 0.1 again and we will allow legendary weapons too. Trust me it will end before you’ll understand it.

Completely agree! That’s one of the issues I’ve been reporting for years. I wish Funcom would reorganize the tiers of learning feats with “endgame” in mind. Tier 3 should be the something attained at maximum level (level 60, in this case). Level 60 is where the final, best recipes should be attainable (the reward for making it to the top) with other level 60s hidden out in the world yet to be discovered (along with legendary weapons, armor, and tools).

And players should be in tents (not sandstone) in the single-digit levels (levels 1-9). Gameplay should begin as a nomad, wandering the Exiled Lands, not an accomplished architect. Construction of buildings shouldn’t begin until at least level 10 (especially on very low XP rates). As the game is played now, I can construct a T1 Sandstone building at level 3, but can’t construct a cheap skin tent until level 14 (due to the Artisan bench requirement). How does that make sense?

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It wouldn’t serve pvp. But i surely find logic to what you say and i agree.

It doesn’t, it just fills the row of gaining rewarding knowledge from lvling up. In normal xp rates before you know it you are lvl 15, even if you are a new player.
Tbh, i believe they “retreat” a lot to create a balance between the 3 modes of this game.
If you ask me the pve seems to be the looser of this game from these “retreats”, but we do have a lot of content and material to play way more creative now.

Oh, yeah!

Good hunting mate!

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Playing this way, one thing I’ve noticed is that food consumption seem too “easy.” Water tick rate seems good, but I don’t really consume that much food. I think next time I start over a .2XP session, I’ll increase the food rate, too. Maybe a 1.2 to see if that increases it enough (maybe up to 1.5). I don’t know the exact number, but it feels like it needs tweaking.

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One breath before the end!
So i went north to meet my most visited boss after jungle Spiders in this game

Then i visited my mission impossible…
Visiting this place, barbaric mode, so low level was my very first time. The minions crashed me from the very beginning, i managed to escape the fight with 2hp. I knew there was no way to defeat this fight lvl 23 with a light encumbrance armor and an iron axe with 19 dmg. Only 2 perks in strength, 0 agility, 1 vitality and 8 points in grit, a perk and 3/5 of the second :confused:. Yet, this difficulty teached me something new, something i never done on this game before, simply because i didn’t have to. I find a rock, exactly at the right of the entrance that i could climb even without stamina but minions couldn’t! I took advantage of this rock to heal my self and gain my stamina back to charge relentless attacks to the minions that was under. You can call it cheese, cheat, whatever you wish, i agree, but it was my savior rock and i intent to use it again if necessary in the future!
You never stop learning new things in this game, NEVER.

The greatest surprise was at the exit of the well. Before i enter, i knew i couldn’t kill all the ground floor npcs and manage to exit in 10 minutes until the respawn. So I didn’t bother to try. Right before i enter the dragon mouth i harvest some sticks and stones to create a small shelter, a bridge, a campfire and a bedroll. In the campfire i placed the things i didn’t want to loose, some ice and a wooden shield. So at my exit death i would spawn in shelter very close so i can loot my body the soonest possible.
But… I didn’t have to! I exit and the guards were just not there!?!
I cannot explain why, i really don’t know :man_shrugging:, after i went in my shelter to retrieve the items i needed and exit it, the guards appeared… Luck? This is how it works now (hundreds complains all these years for this exit)? I really don’t know!
What a gift that was!!!
So i went to Sepermeru to remove my corruption

And when i returned home my chick was finally ready!

I will name him “beep beep” :laughing:.
Tonight the dragon fight!