Step off ledges instead of jumping

We should just be able to step off a ledge and go straight down instead involuntarily jumping forward.

Especially fix it so we don’t jump off little tiny ridges on the ground. It’s kind of annoying when building near a ledge and you’re trying to fit a piece and then suddenly you’re flung over the edge because you stepped on a lump of grass. We should just be able to step right over it.

Jumping should only happen when we choose to jump.

I agree, and would like to add to this with the following:

Crouching prevents one from rolling off edges, which is great but it should set the player into the climbing state if moving off a ledge, instead of holding the player locked onto the platforms.

This current set up prevents characters stuck in objects with small ceiling heights from escaping a situation from being stuck in a crouch on a ledge with no way to get out without the suicide button.

I have encountered numerous cases on the default map where I climbed a structure only to be set into a gap in crouch with no way to escape. Either close the mesh to not allow access into gaps that do not allow you to stand or incorporate a drop down state for players to grip ledges and escape down ledges.

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