Sticks & Stones - PVP 3.5 Harvest

S&S is a new server just started in November. The server is open to everyone. (Of course)

Mods: Pippi, Fashionist, LTs Compass, and Southern comfort.
For those of you who dislike Pippi, don’t worry. This mod has little effect on gameplay.

  1. 24/7 Player vs Player
  2. Building damage from 5pm to 9pm EST
  3. Purge time from 10pm to 4pm EST
  4. Gods are Disable
  5. Friendly fire multi 0.1
  6. 5.0 Player xp
  7. Hunger and thirst 0.5
  8. Character log out.
  9. Only the player can loot their own corps (this will encourage people to get more involved in pvp.)
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