Still a bug ridden mess on Game Pass

I don’t know if there was a hotfix recently that fixed the issue of actually getting the game to play on Game Pass but today I was able to load the game with no problems and the performance while playing wasn’t the same laggy and stuttering mess it was a few days ago. That being said there’s still so many bugs in the Windows Game Pass version on the PC that you could film 3 more “Starship Trooper” movies. So far I’ve had the game crash twice, freeze up to the point that I actually had to restart my system in order to get back to Windows and I spend more time dicking around on my phone than I do playing the game because every time I try to bring up the Options menu it takes about 2 minutes and then switches the display to Windows where I need to click on the games icon on the Task Bar. I also had to restart my system to exit the game.

How in the hell can the same damn game play fine on Steam and Good Old Games yet play like an unfinished alpha release on Game Pass? Every article I’ve read touts how the development team was behind games like the “Hitman” series but if I was anyone working on this crap I would be embarrassed. I guess they’re just lucky so few people are playing it through Game Pass so these bugs aren’t getting any attention.

Hello @JeffKaos, thank you for reaching out!

We can confirm that there were a few specific issues with the MS Store version of the game, some of which have already been addressed through updates, and a larger update will be available for the PC version within next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

P.s. Appreciated seeing a Starship Troopers reference :grin:

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