Still a Pokemon Simulator?

Before I took a break, the game felt like a pokemon simulator, you try to catch a good one, train him and then let him fight other NPCs while you can stand back and watch him destroy everything.
Now I would like to ask if thralls are still absolutely overpowered in the game or have they (and other NPC) been balanced to be closer to the player?


and meh :frowning:


Welcome back!

The great thing about a game like Conan Exiles is that you can play it however you want. If you find a thrall OP then use a less powerful choice, or don’t use one at all.

I don’t know if you have played Siptah, but I quite enjoy the fights that occur in the pools of the grey ones. The mobs, and bosses that are spawned using figurines, will only aggro on the person who spawned them. No matter how many times they are hit by other players, or thralls.

Also thralls have been nerfed in PvP. Thrall damage to players was reduced by 50% in 2.4. Which was around the time you left… some might argue that it wasn’t enough, but personally I find them easy to avoid anyway.


And to add to what @LordKAA already explained, we have now more settings than ever to customize our experience. You don’t like how the game plays on officials? Play single-player or start/join a private server which is set up the way you want it to be.

You can always share your feedback with the developers but for every forum member who wants the thralls nerfed there will be one that wants them to stay as they are or even be reverted to their previous state.

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Additionally, we added not so recently a new server setting that allows you to customize the amount of damage thralls can output. So you can tailor your experience from a Pokemon Simulator to a Survival Horror with a couple of clicks! :wink:


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