Still Got Blood In My Bones

Skeletons in the Asylum of the Fiends vault splatter blood when hit, despite not having any blood.


Well I guess their 1 step closer to being human again… just one very ugly human that looks like raw beef that been beaten repeatedly and chewed on by a dog… you know what let’s remove the blood otherwise lots of players see them have heart attack then Conan loses its player base your idea is a good one

I was just there. Was getting demon blood out of em, so maybe they aren’t actually reanimated skeletons. Maybe they’re demons that look like skeletons.

maybe they’re not you regular died up undead husks
if they were possessed when still fresh… daemon blood does not coagulate

So that was a bloody lie!

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Reminds me of a D&D session my son was playing in. The DM was having them fight “spooky scary skeletons” and they kept bleeding. And the DM was very subtly emphasizing that, until someone finally remembered to ask “Wait, why are skeletons bleeding?” Turned out they weren’t skeletons at all, but magically disguised kobolds or something like that :smiley:

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reanimated and revascularized corpses :laughing:

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