Still having issues with the login rewards / store

I am still having issues with the login rewards again. It started up about 3 days ago. I am pulling my hair out on this. I have added my funcom folder to my anti-virus white list and its still not helping. Does they use ports that are not listed? I am pretty sure its not me because it works for a while, then stops. Sometimes it happens and clears with a simple reboot.

Anyone else having these issues still?

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Could you try pausing your antivirus to see if the issue resolves?

I see you are getting problems with that very often, something must be wrong with your network or network settings. What kind of connexion are you using ?

It is now working again, I ended up uninstalling avast antivirus and installed Kaspersky security cloud.

As soon as I uninstalled Avast the daily rewards came back.

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Glad to read your anti-virus (AV) software is in order. I had some ideas, but it’s hard to say when it is another person’s computer.

For Informational Purposes

  1. Suppose the game-store is written as java (oracle) and java has a vulnerable history
  2. Generally, AV establish a website or game domain as a safe connection and as long as data flows from the same place it’s good

When you click something and a java applet pops up it begins to download the information it needs to your computer. When this is from a connection it recognizes as safe it works, but when the applet is ‘data only’ they can be recognized as less safe, and more alarming are attempts at NEW outside connections.

Clicking the game-store should pop a blank black box (background color = black), then attempt to connect for instructions about what’s for sale, but it’s possible AV saw that as a new connection from outside and blocked it (more below). Otherwise, after a set # of failed attempts it should return a 404 error ‘page not found’. If you didn’t see a 404 error, chances are it was blocked on detection.

Businesses that separate regular info from secure account info (payments) across server(s) have several solutions depending on the level of security and whether they require physically separate servers or a software fix.

“Split DNS” (Split-brain or split-horizon), are terms for when 2 zones are created for the same domain name; one for the internal network (game) and another for external internet connections. This configuration isn’t uncommon but requires meticulous attention to detail with matching names and associating new information between them, and in AoC this ‘sync’ could be the varying delay players describe in the ‘bug’ descriptions.

If AV detected a new connection downloading to your computer and it did not recognize the domain, then it should have blocked it. Getting Avast out ‘fixed it’ and hopefully it’s still fixed, but Kaspersky is not the answer, it merely has such weak security this issue passes through undetected.

Beyond that, all I can say is, some people turn it off and have higher fps :wink:


Game Store Java Script

I could have sworn the item shop ran from a retro encabulator. Funcom just needs to reprogram the 6 hydrocoptic marzel vanes and reset the lunar wane shaft to prevent side fumbling when the item store loads locally.


Yes but then they’d also have to recalibrate the flux vanes as postulated in the third theorem of interferometry. You can’t just rejigger the pendulum as it will throw off the in phase/quadrature data and cause variance across all cores. I don’t think boot understands the severity of the problem in discussion here.

Can you imagine the market turmoil if boot’s hypothesis were true? How sophomoric.