STILL no way to change character appearance after creation!?!?

I put on a fresh shirt every day, but unfortunately my face is the way it is. I don’t go to a plastic surgeon every time I want some variety.

I can dress my Conan Exiles character with any clothes or armor I come across, but her face is the way it is.

Most of the time I can’t see my own face, so I can live with it and try to avoid mirrors. And in-game I mostly see my character’s butt, so I can live with it, too.


100% Kapoteeni - luckily warpaint is easier than laser, but otherwise go on a PIPPI server and bribe an Admin :smiley:
I am guessing that there are other survival games that allow changing ones character and those have created the expectation. Maybe an opportunity for FunCom to make a special, DIFFICULT TO CRAFT, potion for this, but unlikely. Besides, at least we do not have permanent damage applied to wound scarring and the like. Or ageing… :wink:

At the very least we should be allowed to change our hair- and beardstyles after character creation without the need for mods (and/or bothering our server admins if playing on private servers with those mods in place).
Also, you need to consider that those who play on consoles or official servers don’t have mods available to them.


Hard times surviving when you can get a hair cut.
More like your knife while looking in water.

I just want to be able to shave my character’s arm pits so they can wear a sleeveless outfit! Being hairy and unkempt at the very start of the game makes sense, but not by the time you’re able to craft steel or starmetal.

We can craft refrigerators, swords from meteors, elevators, wear makeup, but no one has ever heard of a razor? I don’t recall any of the heroic women in Frank Frazetta or Boris Valejo’s artwork, nor any of the movies being so unkempt (nor many of the men for that matter). While I can see Cimmerian women going au naturale, I’m pretty sure the Stygians (being based off Egyptians) were known for shaving off all their body hair.

IMO, this should either be an option during character creation, and/or outfits that are from relevant religions, cultures (Stygian/Set, Lemurian/Derketo) should be tweaked to hide armpit hair when worn (e.g. Derketo, Set, Lemurian Royal/Warrior, Stygian Raider/Soldier, etc).

And no, suggesting the existing mods for this isn’t helpful to those of us who play on Officials, it just adds insult to injury.


There is a way to change your appearance on official servers. However it will require you to forfeit your level and feat points.

Have another player join a clan with you, making all your buildings belong to the clan. Select recreate character and redesign your character. After creation, go to your clan mate and join back up with the clan.

You will have to relevel, but you will have access to all of your surplus supplies.

This is only theoretical to me at this point. I have not created a clan or joined one. Anyone able to confirm or disprove this tactic?

Maybe in the futture we will have to craft a potion that will allow you change that. If you will need allot herbs to makit it will give you somtjing to do in late game :slight_smile: maybe a du geon will give you the rwcipe and you will need to get the herbs. The posibilitis are endles in this game. The execution is the one that hold us back :slight_smile:

Yes, this works; I’ve done so twice on the Official I play on.

I get they dont need the revenue.

I’m kinda tires with the way my character looks to be honest. I don’t mind the face so much. But I’d love to change my hair.

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If you plan to recreate your character using the clan method above… Plan ahead to help level faster…

For example, have an iron bar handy, and supplies to make an iron tool.

Have a suit of each armor type ready to throw on, with a dye available, a mod for the armor, and one for a weapon.

Get the head of a legendary monster which cover 2 journey entries.

If you plan ahead and setup as many journal entry items as possible ahead of time, reveling is much easier.

Yep, using the Care Package™ method, I think it was possible to hit mid-20s or more before even reaching noob river.

Bear in mind that doing all the “avoidable” journey steps early is counterproductive - much better to get to (at least) lvl 30ish before doing them. Some can hardly be avoided - eat, drink, slay etc - but others (throw an orb, fire a trebuchet, get a boss head etc) can be easily postponed until you get more out of them.

I would love to have ‘change name’ - :stuck_out_tongue:

In testlive the camera zoomed past the character and I was given my Steam name.
Also first time I created a character, single player, totally overlooked the naming bit. lol!

Conan with a Barber Chair! Yes! :slight_smile:
Seriously, I like the idea of changing hair.

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Yeah this one has come up a few times now. A Barber in Supermeru would be great.


Reroll. It doesn’t take long to level back up. Isnt the journey just as much fun?

Actually this is a good idea, would give more use to the in-game currency.

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As an official player I’m actually leveling up an alt on a second account (I bought the Atlantean Sword, so I had an extra code), cuz I love the game enough to want to have an even prettier character.

It’s good to have a second account, in case I go on vacation again and can’t get the ping to connect. This way I can give the login to a friend and he can log on to refresh all the structures for me, without worrying about account theft (not that it will happen with the kind of friends I have, but it’s still good for the peace of mind when your suppose to be relaxing on vacation somewhere far away)

While levelling up the character it’s actually REALLLY satisfying killing stuff 40 levels higher, as a lvl 16, wielding a Teliths Sorrow, and wearing full flawless epic.

The full twink experience. I haven’t ever used a Camel before, because my main is encumbrance build, but as a noob you don’t really have a choice. I must say; Camels rock.

I applied my veteran knowledge to leveling up as a noob and all I can say is that the game is even better that way. I do what I normally do, like farming asagarth for steel and doing skeleton key runs. It’s all twice as fun because of the XP factor.

Camels are unusable unless you tell them to stand guard every 15 seconds. Mine stands so close to me that I can’t farm resources properly. Bearers are so much better :stuck_out_tongue:

PS Hope they fix that blasted camel. Bought 2 of them before realising they are broken.