STILL no way to change character appearance after creation!?!?

Yeah this one has come up a few times now. A Barber in Supermeru would be great.


Reroll. It doesn’t take long to level back up. Isnt the journey just as much fun?

Actually this is a good idea, would give more use to the in-game currency.

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As an official player I’m actually leveling up an alt on a second account (I bought the Atlantean Sword, so I had an extra code), cuz I love the game enough to want to have an even prettier character.

It’s good to have a second account, in case I go on vacation again and can’t get the ping to connect. This way I can give the login to a friend and he can log on to refresh all the structures for me, without worrying about account theft (not that it will happen with the kind of friends I have, but it’s still good for the peace of mind when your suppose to be relaxing on vacation somewhere far away)

While levelling up the character it’s actually REALLLY satisfying killing stuff 40 levels higher, as a lvl 16, wielding a Teliths Sorrow, and wearing full flawless epic.

The full twink experience. I haven’t ever used a Camel before, because my main is encumbrance build, but as a noob you don’t really have a choice. I must say; Camels rock.

I applied my veteran knowledge to leveling up as a noob and all I can say is that the game is even better that way. I do what I normally do, like farming asagarth for steel and doing skeleton key runs. It’s all twice as fun because of the XP factor.

Camels are unusable unless you tell them to stand guard every 15 seconds. Mine stands so close to me that I can’t farm resources properly. Bearers are so much better :stuck_out_tongue:

PS Hope they fix that blasted camel. Bought 2 of them before realising they are broken.

I’m pretty sure that was mentioned in the TestLive patch notes, so they should be fixed some time between now and the end of eternity. :wink:

haha, yea i saw it on trello so they are looking into it. But now I have a t4 bearer and t3 I don’t think I will ever use a camel again.

It would be cool to have that option. As long as you are not allowed to change your character´s name, that is. In Rust, they went full fascist with their policy of “all characters will be randomized and no one can ever change them in any way because we want characters to be visually recognizable blah blah blah,” which is some bull*hit, since many characters look almost the same and it´s not like you can stop an enemy player, get in his face and thoroughly analyze all his facial features each time you come across them before deciding whether you wanna kill them or not. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, let players change their appearance as they want (maybe just with the use of a potion, idk), and do not let them change their name, especially since in CE, the name is way more obvious than any character´s appearance.

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Re: bearers, the change to Stone and Wood etc to stack up to 1000 instantly takes bearers from “kinda-sorta-maybe-not-really” worth it, to “pretty awesome”. All without effin’ up the balance elsewhere (they still weigh as much as 10 stacks of 100). Once it hits Live I might actually change out of my near-permanent encumbrance build!

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I have to admit, i am using a stacking mod…lol. I play with just my gf, so I have added in a few mods to help us overcome things with just 2 (average/poor) players.

Bearer t4 with 1k stacks…oh yea!

EDIT: Sorry for going off topic

I might even go full ARK and assign Camels or Bearers for holding building tiles for construction projects; Actually making use of features. lol “Upgrade kits” as it were. Then perhaps send them home when I’m done, via the “scout” option.

Anyway - I been asking for character customization for a year now. It’s all I want TBH. I don’t expect mounts, or sorcery or anything… I’ve gotten used to not having any of that, but the size of my character’s eyes is a daily reminder for me why character recustomization is needed.

I only have 1 character slot, holding my entire assets. I have to use a second account, or someone I trust to transition between characters just to update a look, and even then, what happens when the new character looks terrible at certain times of the day from certain angles?

Beholding a character’s appearance is part of CE’s charm, due to it’s stunning attention to detail, where it’s even more important to be detail oriented.

Multiple character slots would have rectified this issue.

While I get the sentiment of “being born this way” as long as one can keep 50 thralls compacted in a box, and cryo-freeze babies inside a preserving box, I’d like to be able to drink enough yellow lotus steeped shroom absynth that I can change my own appearance when looking into a bowl of water.

Afterall, stare into the bowl long enough and you’ll notice the other you staring straight back at you from the other side as if: “Are you real, or am I real?”

Questions like these have real gravitas in the exiled lands. After all… there seems to be a potion for everything.

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