Still no way to Connect to Servers

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [you are unprofessional]
Region: [Like you don’t track ip’s anyway]

I can’t Play the game online. 5+ minutes for Server searching. 80% of the time 40/40 9999 Ping. Im not the Guy WHO goes “omg i payed for the game, ill sue you.” I totaly understand those people tho. You don’t give a Sheit about your customers. Actually you give a Sheit, right in Their faces. I just Wonder why you don’t ask how it tastes. I was with you when you launched AoC. Wich was a sheitshow nontheless. But now you just try to fist everyone with a Problem playing the game. I reached your product to the officials in Germany. Im realy done with you. I don’t even want my Money Back. I want you to Go down. And you know youre on the Edge. You could Not hold your own company, you needed Help Out from Asia. Yeah, im one of the few WHO knows where your Money comes from. Im done with you. I Hope you get sued alot besides my complain. The officials are allready Investigating. And you know why. You should be thankfull since i gave you the hint. Funcom… What a fcking Joke.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: