Still puzzled on how people play this game

I’m on EU. I started playing properly once the game was released (had a go on early access to get a feel for it). I had a blast on a PvE-C official server the first few months but quickly after some key players left, the ambient degraded once jerks started to join the server and wall off resources etc.

I tried to find a good server, once that would not be laggy and has a decent player population (~15+ daily) but I struggled to find a good one (private, wanted a change from the wild of official servers).
Either you go on a PvP server, or PvE/PvE-C servers are subject to frequent wipes and have often low population overall. The ones that would fit the bills are either German or Russian, which is not an option for me.

Lately I tried to come back, and despite the current issues with the latest patches, I still notice the same problem.

With currently a Steam stat of 9k players currently playing and judging by the filters in the serverlist, I’ve come to the conclusion that the heavy majority of folks play offline/solo. Is this how it is ? I’m confused.

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