Still waiting server transfer (PVE)

ok, its been what 8 months? 9? they got disable to fix a bug,

i wonder will it be back for PVE? or will be another funcom broken promise?

time will tell, but i think its time to send them a reminder about it ?

happy friday!


I wanted to use my character from PVE server on which I am not playing anymore, to start new journey on Siptah and not from zero. Too bad, had to start a new character.

I think that maybe there is a problem about people transfering materials and items they can’t get on the other map to the second one and vice versa. Maybe I am wrong, but hard to tell.


I absolutely agree. Just enable transfers for pve, and keep em blocked in pvp and pvp-c.

The transfer option added value to the dlc…

So plz, let us have transfers back , at least in the mode where p2w is not a problem…(since u missed the opportunity to balance unfairness between ios & el gear that could be achieved with the weapon/armour rework that occured with the attribute system overhaul at the start of sorcery updates)…


It was a failed experiment. The reason why you won’t see it even for PVE is because it has a chance to render a character unusable, forcing a rollback of the source server to recover.

The chance was significant as well. Around 1 in 3-4 characters would fail to transfer.

Also in a PVE setting, getting a new character back up to speed takes a negligible amount of time at the exp and harvesting rates of an official. Even at 0.5x rates it only takes a few days.

where do you came up with those numbers?

i made dozen of trips. bacx and forth, under the rules and boundaries set by the system, and never got a problem,

only 1 of our friends got in limbo after severl trips,

if the chance for that to happen is 1 in 4 , i would have experienced it. or be far more common to see it happening.

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The volume of complaints about it. There was several a day. And that was the instances brought up in the forums. Not only was it a significant portion of people making the attempt, but a significant portion of the entire official playerbase.

ok so you just made up the proportion ? without knowing how many people were moving between servers?

the only one that probably has the answer to that, is funcom, unless you got that from someone at funcom, its just an impression which btw seens different thant he one i had.



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