Stolen Crown: Isle of Siptah - PvP 2XP/X2H - Vanilla No Mods (for now)


Come join Stolen Crown: Isle of Siptah!

PvP - RP if you want - Raid times Thurs-Sunday evenings

2x Harvest / 2XP. Faster crafting times. All other settings are vanilla.

NA based

40 slots - will increase if necessary!

No Mods Yet - Will add Pippi and some QoL mods in the near future, but will not be mod heavy.

Clan Limit - 10
Minion Limit - 50 plus 5/player/clan

No admin vanity builds junking up the place

Looking for non-toxic PvP’ers to join our server!

Come to our Discord and check us out!

Server Direct Connect: