Stonehenge Community Defence Event!

Isn’t there a small player population limit for instances such as the Sunken Library?

I wonder if it got increased. I know the faction cities did in a previous update. Also I think devs can override that.

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I am really enjoying this occult defense scenario. Kudos Funcom!

Is the exclusive agent reward just a foil version? If so… I’m fine with all the prizes going to the top dogs. If, this exclusive agent isn’t available aside from a contest I can never win… I gotta problem with that! It’s Jack Boon. Jack shouldn’t be exclusive… elusive? Fine. I’m hoping Funcom makes this available to everyone. Don’t care about the other prizes…

I hope some of you whales are making videos? If so, link? Please? Thank you.

Does this event/competition favour the grinders with max gear, optimal gear and a extreme understanding of how to play the game? Yes.

Does it matter? Nah, let them have it. Many of them provide much for the community in the form of theory crafting and help for those who ask.

I might release some stuff as soon as the contest is over, i’ve got some stuff recorded.

To the best of my knowledge that agent is available during community events not necessarily just this one. I do believe that agent will also be available through other community events run by Community or Funcom.

The agent is shiny, but only available from community events. But, that does mean that other events will give you the chance to get one :smiley: I’m guessing event organisers get in touch with Andy about having one as a prize, and then once they get approval they can offer it up as a prize.

I got one from the put on purple fashion show last month, and that was just a straight up raffle, so there will be other chances.


Ok so whoever decides to tryhard and push high waves, pray you don’t crash or get kicked from the instance because your internet died for 5 minutes. This is what happened to us, and my mate got kicked from the instance - almost 3h of pushing session gone into waste. I’m not even talking about the other wasted opportunities when one of us crashed. It’s not very appealing to go all-in if after 1+ year, Funcom still thinks an automated system that kicks people after they’ve been logged off for more than 5 minutes in a private group is a good idea (honestly, regardless of the group, private or not, it is just terrible no matter what).


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Yeah, crashing in there is no fun I can confirm! But what you describe is an ISP related issue, I don’t see how it is FC related. We’ve been dealing with that and know how it works since the game relaunch, instance groups are only formed through activity finder sadly…

It’s 100% Funcom related.

There’s no other game to my knowledge that kicks people if they don’t reconnect after 5 min. The disconnect by itself is an ISP issue, but i don’t blame that. I don’t accept that the game arbitrarily decides to kick someone from our group, AND doesn’t even allow me to reinvite the person. In TSW, if my memory is correct, we could invite people in groups, even with dungeon finder.

Also, how many posts of people getting kicked AND getting the deserter flag on top of that exist?

It’s on me to decide if i want to spend 30 min waiting for the person to reconnect or not (or insert any time you want, really). It’s not acceptable for the game to decide instead of me.

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Dude you don’t have to explain that to me. I got a really old computer and I can’t even make it back in game after a crash without me getting booted cause my loading takes forever. ISP disconnects are even worse.
All I’m saying is that this thing has been going on for over a year now and we are dealing with it.

I understand now with pushing high waves in occult it is even worse cause it is time consuming and we had good runs that got screwed over cause one of us got booted. Didn’t mind tho cause I already knew that’s a possibility. If I cared that much about it I’d just go solo.

Well it looked like you didn’t understand i was blaming Funcom for the fact the game actually decides to kick players, and you thought that instead, i was blaming Funcom for ISP disconnect issues, which i didn’t.

I’ll bring an analogy. It’ll be like saying a kid that’s 10 years old still sh.ts in his pants. You’ve been dealing with it since he was born. That doesn’t mean it’s not a problem and that’s it’s fine and/or should be acceptable.

So the fact you’ve been dealing with it is fine, if you’re ok with it and accepted it, all good for you, but i don’t accept it, period. So i talk about it here, since now it is the biggest problem with Occult Defense pushing since you literally need hours without any disconnects. We happened to be at the end of a wave, so the fact my mate disconnected wasn’t a problem, i was just waiting for him. But nope, game decided it was time to kick him.

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Maybe discus this elsewhere and keep this thread event related

I think it’s quite event related and frankly a good time to bring some attention to the issue. It’s been complained about for a very long time and was never an issue in TSW but here the auto boot after (whatever it is 3 min we’ll say) is problematic. Perhaps if it gets raised here it will be noticed because god only knows how many times the issue has been raised in the applicable channels with no resolution.

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It’s always been a problem with the group finder. But at least in TSW we didn’t have to use it.

It shouldn’t be a problem with private teams at all, but that feature itself was an afterthought according to @TronQuixote.

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I think your reading the situation incorrectly. In TSW even in group finder you could wait upwards of 15 minutes for the player to log back in. This is not concerning the deserter debuff it is only regarding the amount of time they a lot for a player to log back into the game before being booted.

Note deserter is also a heavily discussed topic but I don’t think it’s the main concern being discussed here

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I don’t remember the time it took to get kicked in group finder groups in TSW, but there was always the problem that such groups didn’t have a leader and couldn’t invite anyone from within a dungeon. Inviting people into an existing scenario has never been a thing, not even in TSW.

ETA: Private groups don’t get deserter debuffs anymore.

Again that’s not what’s being asked for. Simple not having to invite someone back into the scenario is EXACTLY what’s being discussed ATM.

Nothing to do with deserter and nothing to do with inviting players back into the instance >_<

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Just happened 2nd time. Levsky got kicked. We were wave 41 with nearly 100% life on the statue. He got kicked as soon as he started logging back. Lost 3h+ again.

I’ve got both kicks from the group on footage, but at this point i just lost the will to play the game.

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