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I know I read a few of these while CH3 was in public beta but…

Wait, I have to put 5, then 10 attribute points in to strength before finishing a heavy combo and putting on heavy armor count?
Did some one not think that through?

Going to add these as I find new ones, activating the next journey step. If you have one feel free to list it.

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There’s something similar on the agility side, too, which makes it difficult to get both done (if you have those completionist urges, which I do, from time to time).

Ya I saw that. I suppose you could take a potion to wipe points and juggle them around, but I don’t think attribute points should have been tied to journey steps. Most of it just looks like stuff I have to redo. But I am sure I read something about other journey steps you can’t do again once done, so you can never finish that one.

I think the entire point of the journey steps was that they tailored it to each specific player’s wishes for their character and what build they wanted to pursue. So I do think it was thought through. A bestial memory potion isn’t hard to obtain for the average completionist.

Ya, but that is just a work around for a poorly thought out mechanic.


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the old system was tailored for the players, the new system was tailored for the devs to dictate how they want us to play the game.

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Oh, please tell us all just what the point is?

I think you are missing the point but go ahead and kiss the but of the devs thinking some how that makes you such a good person. The dude has a ligit point.

The point was to give new players a more structured intro to the journey steps; because some people were unmotivated to see what the journey section was in the player menu.

It gives you more journey steps and even rewards for finishing. Thing is if I put 10 attribute points in to strength I want more then a sharp iron sword recipe. Playing naturally you’d not put your first 10 points in to any one skill, so by the time you put 10 on strength you will have out leveled the sword you unlocked.

So far I have learned I don’t have to relearn anything to finish the steps.
The rewards are beginner level; 1-20th.
I have no issues making low level items I’ll recycle; once they fix the station.

Still working through, got side tracked and then started obsessing :flushed:

And once again, to make it perfectly clear IN NO WAY SHOULD ATTRIBUTE POINTS BE TIED TO JOURNEY STEPS.

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