Stop scamming me!

Well i first had problems logging in to my account in December 2018 to be exactly 16.12.2018, i paid for 6 months but couldn’t log in like alot of people are complaining here. But it got fixed i logged at 20. or 21. december 2018. All sorted i decide to buy that special offer you had for 12 months accuring, full frontal armor etc. i buy that aswell at march, it now says account open til 20.06.2020. Somehow you guys decide to rob me another 12 month sub. from my bank and cut my accounts playtime?

I want my money back ASAP and i mean ASAP



My account status as of today!

Did you submit a ticket? They won’t be able to help you through the forum.
I had the same problem… but I only paid for 1 month and they charged me double…still waiting for an answer since 9th of March…
(P.S. If you call your bank to help you get back your money, FC won’t help you anymore)

Yea i did but when it comes to scams i don’t have much patience. Hope they will pay me back asap or i will be forced to contact my bank.