Stop the bogus bug reports and ban mods on Testlive

So I don’t know where to properly post this but it needs to be said and if any body can repost this to where it should be that would be much appreciated thanks.

This has to do with bogus bug reporting and how it should be done
First if you are going to complain about a bug do your own research don’t just look for people with the same problem and assume it’s the game.
If you find a problem post it on the official with a list of
The mods you are using
The typ of server you are using
Single player
Private or offical

Disable and I mean completely unsubscribe from all your mods to completey remove all 3rd party issues. And if you still experience this problem then post your bug complaint .

This game came out to into early access because the devs needed feedback about the games bugs and exploitation from the gaming community.

Funcoms problem is just the same as Arks they allowed the use of mods which added a 3rd party element to the testlive side of things.
so people were repeatedly reporting false and bogus problems and bugs that are more mod related then Vanilla and that sent the devs on false goose chases that also led to more bugs and the slowdown the development of the game trying to fix what didn’t exist because of this.

Subnautica is a good example of how it should be done. look at how well that game was handled during EA because their was no mod influence every problem reported was in the game.

If you post a problem or a bug report and you are using mods your complaint is a tainted claim.

I believe If Funcom want any hope of fixing this game they need to completely remove and ban all use of mods on all Testlive servers including single local play so all bugs reported are strickly Vannila game related.
Testlive = no mods.
live = mods let players choose ito break their game

and on a side note
Players should also be labled on steam with a " mods in game " tag like they do with the “player owns this game” one so other players of the community can help if they are posting fulse information.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I am only new to the Funcom Forums and again im sorry if this is in the rong place.
I helped identify many bugs in test live back before official release without the use of mods all bugs I reported I found in game and im happy to say that 40% of all bugs I found to be game breaking for me where fixed so great work Funcom.
But the use of mods during testlive should never of been a thing.
I prsonaly know one of the developers behind the game Subnatica they contacted me and many others for the extensive lists of bugs we found pre launch to thank us for all the work we did and ask what we would like to see in their upcoming DLC (no spoilers)
But they stated that they are looking for bugs in the game and not in mods in a offical statement to a player on steam that was trying to make a multiplayer mod.
They even kept an up to date log on their website or Trello as they called it and we could easly keep up with the updates and patch notes.

But being able to use mods during testlive shold just be stoped because as things are now players are just moving to testlive so they can get all the new items and fetures early and are NOT even contributing to help or report the bugs. Remove the use of mods and players will think twice before going testlive becouse right now there is no downside to testlive.

Anyway again thanks for taking the time to read this and I would love to know what others have to say so Discuss I suppose.


Finally something sensible on the forum good job

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