Stop the madness!

Unfortunately, now the time has come, after many years and a lot of money, the time has come with a heavy heart when I’m going to stop playing Conan!

The game used to be great to play, a real survival game: food, clothes, etc. had a purpose and felt good.

But with every update it got worse and the ages are simply the wrong way.

I’m not calling for Funcom to be sabotage or for people to lose their jobs, I’m calling for an end to destroying the game.

It was a great time at the beginning, but everything has an end and for me, Conan’s state is “THE END”!

I wish everyone a happy new year and finally make a statement by saying that you stop playing Conan as long as it is in this state, otherwise nothing will ever change.

Take care.


I will still play Conan. Happy new year.

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It seems they should stop updating/charging people money, because every update breaks the game in numerous ways. Probably best to just leave the game in as best a working state as possible on their old UE4 build the game is on. Working instead on a 2nd game would’ve been great, they could’ve used their experience to hopefully iron out these existing issues.


I can only repeat myself, the game used to be really good, a survival game that was really fun.

But where is the survival aspect? The food is no longer of any use, the clothes are sometimes just cosmetics, the fireplace used to have a “heat function”, why do you remove something like that? Simply because it no longer makes sense… .and and and…

A Conan 2 would have been long overdue instead of stuffing the old one with content, which simply steers the game in the wrong direction.

Sure, on the PC you have mods and you can improve a lot of things, on the consoles it’s “fail or die”…

I can repeat myself again, as long as you can’t have a reasonable conversation with a developer, at some point it’s just over.

Many friends of mine have long since left the game and I have now decided that I will set an example as long as Conan is just a bazaar-boring-wannabe “surviver” game.

No thanks, there will be enough games coming onto the market in 2024 and one from Funcom won’t be there that I will play, the frustration is just too deep.

Everyone should play what they want, but I speak for my friends and I, we finally got it = goodbye Conan!


Exactly. Your feedback is very respected for me, thanks for giving it.
I agree, the survival aspect of the game can only be achieved if you role play with it, it’s not a mandatory in game anymore.
Best wishes for a happy new year my fellow exile and i hope to see you back soon. Thanks again for your feedback

Probably because it was killing people in their base, specifically after logging out.

it’s complicated / tricky… Funcom has already sunk multiple games because they don’t know how to practice a positive business…

It’s clear to me that every developer wants to make money… but at the expense of the performance and implementation that is offered, that is no longer the case with this game.

With the sentence “we are working on it” … development takes time, yes, but the patience for implementation is gone, that’s why we have lost trust in Funcom and I no longer see an improvement to the game in “NOT” an update.

funcom, stop deceiving people, because we also work and have to earn money to pay for what they offer us,…everyone should have fun and friends, regardless of the developers who make money by selling the game and content But the quality should also be good, which it hasn’t been for a long time.

I don’t want them to lose their jobs, but just think about it, what do the people (Youtubers, etc.) do who bother with their game but no one watches their videos anymore because no one wants to play Conan anymore, so they have one shared responsibility.

As I said, I can write texts here as much as I want, nothing will change and yet I wish everyone who continues playing Conan that they find “peace”.


I still see people log onto a “dead” server, so it is hard to call it dead. Yes, we want to play CE, but we are stuck with server transfers, working or not.

Is that why we find fellow programmers with a foot in the door? Or, maybe it is a step away to a new job. We’re not judging this.

:thinking: I read similar from one of the cheater clans. Outnumbered maybe, but there seems to be an abundance… wth with cutthroat tactics.


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