stopping stone of teleportation

je voulais savoir si sur serveur pvp officiel on avais le droit de fermer tout les obeslique (teleportation) et ce les approprier car sur le serveur ou je suis les joueurs adverse sont en cours de fermeture de tout les pierre de teleportations par des murs et esclave combatant? est ce normal?

Good evening,
I wanted to know if on official pvp server we had the right to close all the obesliques (teleportation) and it appropriates them because on the server where I am the opposing players are in the process of closing all the stone of teleportations by walls and slave combatant? is this normal?

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Salut :slight_smile:

Sadly, it’s still possible to enclose the obelisks, which is a real problem on PvE servers.
On PvP you can always break the walls.
You should maybe change your title to "Players are blocking obelisks on server # "
If you can add screenshots that would be even better

in rare and extreme cases, they will do something about it.
worst case, maybe it’ll make people come to your server and help.

Good luck!

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