Storage box for arrows

why not add a box for arrows for archers in the manner of a cauldron for slaves?) so as not to shove arrows to each archer, but poured them into the box and they themselves will take arrows from there as well as food from the cauldron) and happy new year everyone!) exiles expanded to new locations)


This is not a half bad idea.

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What would you add to make it full, you have great knowledge of how things work, I 've read a lot of your posts so far to speak this way, please give us your lights because I kinda like what our friend here suggests :wink:. Still I don’t know how this would work on pvp. We don’t want all the archers use the same arrows, especially the expendable. In pve however it would work just fine.

To be honest I’ve actually never used the feed boxes. But if I were to hazard a guess, it should use the Archer’s inventory first, then use the box.

So if you want archers all to use say Star Metal Arrows as a default, then you’d load the boxes with those. But if you want 1-2 Archers to use poison arrows, you would equip them with them. Effectively the arrows in the boxes replaces the default flintheads Archers use if they run out.


well, even if you can put a cauldron for food yourself and put the fighter in the inventory, the food is not the one in the cauldron, but another one, and he will eat it such an idea to replace weak flint ones and poisonous ones can be shoved into 1-2 archers and hands

Excellent suggestions.

I know, even though there is no feeding requirement for thralls, I keep Thrall Pots scattered around as a way to provide extra recovery during purges.

Being able to do that with ammo for archers would be awesome.


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