Storage box problem

I am unable to make out items in my storage boxes and have to hover my curser over each window to find objects, is there a way I can solve this or does it need a long wait while the devs sort it out?

Hey, it looks like you have one of the item filters on when you don’t want it.


Turn this little filter off (building parts) so that all the icons in that row are lit up and you should be good.


Duh well don’t I feel a idiot, I keep forgetting about the filters so the thought never crossed my mind ty Daedalon and the fact that I couldn’t see anything. I will undo that and let you know if it does or does not work. lol

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Don’t feel bad, I’ve done the same thing myself. I rarely use the filters (typically typing in part of the item name to find it much faster instead) and it’s easy to forget they even exist. There’s a second version of these filters that applies to crafting stations, except it completely hides anything that doesn’t match the filter – so there’s not an immediate hint that a filter is active, unlike item containers where you notice things dimmed out.

One of the best ways to confuse yourself is to have the Armor filter on without realizing it, and scrolling through your Armorer’s Bench with a T3 or T4 Thrall on it (pages and pages of exceptional or flawless armor sets followed by pages and pages of normal armor sets) while trying to find non-armor crafts like silk, hide and twine conversion or armor kits… except they’re not even in that big list you just scrolled through several times because the filter removed them. Haha.

These filters persisting after closing a crafting station or container might be a questionable design decision, but if they’re going to keep it this way, I think they should at least highlight the tiny filter button with some sort of glowy circle or particle burst for several seconds each time you open an inventory panel with a filter already active. This would be a useful reminder that a filter is currently enabled.

Enjoy your exile, Fabea. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Daedalon, it was the trouble and the most embarassing thing about it is the amount of time I have played and I just know now that it’s the second time it’s caught me out rofl I need a big reminder :smiley:

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