Storage suggestion

I know this is not a big thing, but i would like too see further that there is the possiblity to store tamed unused Thralls or Pets in the Cages. It feels strange puting all thralls in chests. The second wish is, to store liquids in barrels. I think there is no sense to store liquids in boxes and chests.

Thank you very much for this nice game!


Yeah, it could be not a big thing, but you’re right about it :+1:

I’d love to be able to use barrels and/or the huge pots/urns for storing liquids. It always feels badly cramming tar, blood, and ichor into crates and chests. What a mess! :laughing:

Every time someone puts a thrall inside a chest, the act gives me some vampiric vibes. Put some soil there too and she’s good to go. :joy:

Can we make barrels even? If we could, then at least we could use them to categorise content in a somewhat easy to spot, albeit vague, way.

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Bonfire use this if you are sure you can keep them safe on a PvP or PvE/PvC you don’t have to worry the bonfire has more inventory space than the iron chests and are substantially easier to make and honestly less likely to be robbed than a chest anyway. This is just a make shift idea I had a while ago to which is actually benefiting me even now. Although the idea of roasting humans alive is kind of weird Haha. But I eat human flesh exclusively on the game (Only) lol it’s delicious on the go treat for the most hungry of humans.

That’s why I don’t have them then. LOL

The more I hear about blocks with inventory spaces like this, the less I want to hear about inventories as a whole. I feel like I want to cry. :joy:

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Lol I know right it’s so weird.the bonfire holds all most everything I have at the moment.

Thing with bonfires thou is… if they ever patch it, and don’t tell you… Your gonna be pissed. >_>

I’ve mention several small things tips… and week or two after…patched. XD

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It seems that there are some keen eyes on your texts. :wink:

Yeah, that’s what’s so frustrating. We get decorations that look like barrels but they don’t actually function like barrels. It feels bad! :laughing:


I agree but only if only the same beverages could be stored in the same barrel. Then a function to mature the alcohol inside the barrel. I’d love to produce some single highland scotch whisky matured in a sherry cask…:rofl:

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