Store error (regional sales)

My credit card was charged 20 euros, and the website said 600 rubles!
I didn’t count on it in any way and was very upset!
What can we do ? photos are attached in the message ID “[Funcom Support #1144153]”. the payment history also shows 600 rubles last purchase , but the card was debited 20 euros
sry for mi english. Im russian.

I hope this is a technical error and not outright fraud! You can not make such mistakes this is not a bug but a crime. When the price tag says one thing and the credit card is charged 3 times more.

welcome to funcom……they are a fraudulent company


When will the online store be repaired “” ? When will customers compensated for damages ?

How can u ask for money for moving a character to another server? In fury dont work mini games, dont work finder raid, dont work finder group for dungeon.

How could you ruin such a beautiful game with your service and attitude? This is a great game so far in my opinion the best in mmo. I hope that the developers will mobilize their forces, start respecting the customers and then together we will resurrect this beautiful game.

The money was refunded and the payment was corrected Thank you Tamtor Customer Service Manager !!! =))))