Storm ligth stil OP


Give us. A bettee pvp server you have 100x pvp server in same setting.

Give 1x server of that 100x to

To this setting. Make raid time less 3 hours
Make bubbel should be for offline proc and when you want avoid a toxic Zerg clan to raid you and make it cost more to craft
Make all harvest rate to 1x or 2. Not more.

Remove. Bat. And storm. And ice bridge on this server and keep other thing from sorc.

Storm ligth Test on private sever (rent one)
Dose a lot of dmg stil on thrall and chest and craft statsion. and abit less on walls

It dose random. From 10k to 50k was highest crit

Just turn of this or make this can’t go throw bubbel

It to cheap to spam it lol

3.0 it worsts patch for pvp

Fly bat. Pass all you anti climb. Fences

Frost bridge. Too
Jars bomb
Thralls are very bad for defance. …….
Storm to broken. No need for god anymore.

Don’t tell me make archer vs bat they can fly befor raid time ….

I don’t know what have you brig. For defance in 3.0???

3.0 should been defance patch not attacker. Why give attackers more way to raid ?? When they allready dominate in that part they have tons of way

Then buff all walls and foundations to 2m hp. Because it like 4x now too so easy get jars

And doors to 1m hp and vaukt to 3m hp if you don’t want make bubbel nothing go throw it

That you have nothing vs

Orb go throw bubbel
Storm ligth
Bat fly
I’ce bridge

So tell me how u can surival a offline raid vs all those stuff ?? Or va meta toxic cheater clan or Zerg clan with 10+ ?

You don’t wonder why pvp sever are so dead ??

give back the old Conan pvp when. U can make bubbel. And go offline and it was stil risk to get wipe by 10x god and orbs.
It was more 50%50 to get wipe

Now u go off. Wipe by storm or one fly top of you base.

No one is surviving a offline raid even before 3.0

After the poor launch of 3.0 I don’t think many people are wondering that. It would be great to add different sever types to officials so offlining can finally be addressed

You was alor saver on online raid befor 3.0 then now.

And even befor 2.0 u hade a bubbel that u make. Only god and orb was need to wipe a bubbel base if u mad at pillar u was pretty mush raid save. The only way was wipe a bubbel was need like 10x gods.
This was a lot better then now. When eveyrhing. Can wipe you so easy. At less 10x god cost more then. Fly through all defance and bomb from. Top …

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