Stormglass Frames qualitatively better than other T3 frames

On a PVE server with the only rule of ‘no stealing’ I’ve found out that Stormglass Frames are at least 300% better than any of the other DLC and T1 and T2 frames because they have actual windows, while all the other ones have a small gap that is the window that you can reach through to steal items out of workbenchs.

I don’t advocate nerfing all the other DLCs, but I would recommend that a small piece of glass be inserted to block them off so people cant reach in through them. I’m not 100% certain that T1 and T2 sets should, but for the cost of T2s, I would probably glass plug them up too.

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The other dlc frames are arrow slits rather than proper windows, hence the lack of glass.

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That doesn’t change that one is more thief proof than the other.

Little chance they’ll add to old dlc’s…
Also, I don’t want glass on my little windows >_>

Just stop placing work benches near little windows. XD

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You know people can reach through the arrowslits, you shouldn’t use those sorts of windows so CLOSE to your crafting benches. It’s not like you can shoot effectively past the crafting bench to use the window as an arrowslit either, so you defeat the purpose of the “window” walls from T1 and T2.

On the otherhand, I would be sympathetic to being able to shutter windows with a small wooden door shaped to the hole… it just seems that might create more lag than necessary.

Arrowslit Windows shouldn’t be looking in on anything sensitive anyway. On PvP, you should build with security and maximum secrecy in mind… even if it’s a relatively friendly PvP server.

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