Storms broken the game

Personal opinion on storms:

Anyone who believes storms are a viable addition to the game hates pvp…

  1. the bases that are not inside of structures of game are by now almost useless (and those to the inside to 90% are equally)

2)Storms are of disarming ease to do and are countered in an ineffective manner.

3)Giving a single player the ability to wipe out entire servers is ridiculous in itself.

  1. storms have removed all meaning to bubbles and gods that have now been outclassed by a magic you do with the simple sacrifice of an NPC😅

Now to those who say that "if you want you can block them I answer:

-Do you really believe that every clan can stand 6 hours a day ready to cancel opposing storms at all times?
(My clan can, but just the fact that the other 99% can not do it has taken all the fun)

-Having to spend pvp time on certain types of guard where they are not …

-Having to spend pvp time doing certain types of watch where no errors are allowed even 5 minutes prevent you from enjoying the pvp (I saw clans being wiped out because a single lightning strike destroyed the temple level 3 in one blow since the guard was crashato and it took 2 minutes to get back…)

In conclusion the solution to balance the raids was more than simple:

  1. reduce the life of drawbridges✅

2)remove bubbles and gods

3)don’t put a thing like storms

4)no longer allow to build in spots such as the dam

  1. Set a default limit of buildings that can be placed by clans

Simple, easy, effective… Or maybe not🤔

Ps: on Xbox after an initial increase in population it took 10 days of storms to bring it down to a lower number than the release of the patch…

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my base with the bubble… i dont understand this game… how can spawn the thunderstorm inside the base… and dont break anythink out.

now only can roleplay…



Yes Bro, unfortunately lightning also enter the game structure and the shield from no protection. I can not understand how the developers of the game did not think that it would ruin the game, the pulsing of servers has halved because of glitches that duplicate bombs and storms and are doing nothing to solve, instead of improving have worsened


I can’t see a single hint of any thinking around balance being put into 3.0. Its as if the features were stubbed to get ready for a balance pass and it was shipped before that would happen.

Anything in game that takes serveral hours to build etc that can be decimated in seconds is a clear definitive sign of “cost vs reward?” imbalance.

Anything that argues against that is probably aiming for a lobby/disposable pvp loop game.


When not even its creators test their own game, things like this happen.

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What to tell you? Pvp is broken for a long time now. There is no easy fix for that since Funcoms first priority nowadays is generating money. Pvp doesn´t generate big money. Pve on the other side does. Its a simple math.

Most pvp players are pragmatic. Pvp play is simple. You do not need decorations nor fancy building styles. You use whats easiest to farm and gives the highest protection or deals the most damage or gives you an advantage over other players. Thats it. As long as a dlc or bazar item is purely cosmetic there is not really a reason to buy it. Some may just because out of personal interest or because they are also playing pve, but thats not the mass. I mean, look how easy black ice is to farm. And it does its job. Right? So why bother wasting valuable time with gathering additional materials for getting the same outcome.

On the other side, pvp players complain a lot. Because pvp depends heavenly on balance. And the more Funcom adds to the game the more balance issues we see. This leads to constant mass complains, which leads to a lot of unhappy people and a bad reputation for Funcom. So what they get in the end is a never ending story of all time complaining, unsatiesfied pvp players that demand changes over changes while beeing ungratefull, toxic and abusive, provide a bad reputation on top and generate almost no revenue. For Funcom a waist of time and ressources.

Since this game is all about building, crafting and exploring its easier for Funcom to focus on pve content. People are crazy with building, decorating, thralling. They care about their looks, their buildings and everything there is that enhances their gameplay. They create their own worlds, their own stories. They are understanding and forgiving. Most will excuse the biggest bs thrown at them as long as they can keep their beloved game alive. They are willing to throw a lot of money at Funcom just to get another building set or a new shiny piece of sexy armor. A pve player doesn´t relay on balance the same way as we do. They have way more options to sail around problems and therefore will never feel that the game is not playable for them anymore. Bugs the game has, yes. But this bugs doesn´t lead into unplayability for them. And this makes a big differents. Because nobody likes to buy a broken game. But the minute the broken game turns into a game that just has “some bugs” its all good. Because all games have bugs.

I do not want to disrespect pvp or pve players here. I simply state the obv. facts. I played pvp for a very long time. And I still would play it, if things would be different. But there is something I have to say and I am saying this for years now again and again. Its not entirely Funcoms fault that pvp is in that bad state as it is now. Beeing permanently overly agressive, toxic and abusive creates an environment that is not worth saving at all, because its not healthy. The pvp community needs to learn to regulate and to restrain themselfs or they will destroy a game that they pretend to love. You can not allow yourself to turn into a person that shows no decency and compassion anymore, that has no honor and treats people like they are filth. Playing a game doesn´t excuss toxic and exploitative behaviour. There is still a person sitting behind the other screen. A game is just that, just a game. There is no winning or loosing. There is just playing. If you don´t give a crap about anything anymore in this game how can you expect from Funcom to not do the same?

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Bro , I can share what you wrote but the point is another, funcom is making this game die due to development errors from amateur video game producer . why dont fix bugs bombs / resource duplication, a player enters a game where the farming no longer makes sense, just duplicate objects and dismantle them for infinite resources, a game where you are raided with lightning storms that are done with the sacrifice of a single NPC, or by making unlimited bombs with minimal effort … using grass and branches and a repair hammer, they have ruined a game, the server population has halved because of these amateur bugs, they are really fallen down!

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Based on my observations, PvP players don’t necessarily want balance; rather, they want to win. It’s a classic “Dear game designer. Rock is OP. Paper is fine as is. Regards, Scissors.” setting. They’re asking for nerfs to features that hurt their personal experience, and buffs to features that support their own personal playstyle. Objectivity is less common that one might want.

And even players who honestly want balance often tend to ask for the wrong solutions. “Nerf daggers” will only lead to some other tech taking the place of the “meta”. and over the years we’ve also seen a tech or weapon or tool be considered underpowered or wimpy, until someone figures out a way to “abuse it”, at which point it becomes the new meta, without any developer intervention at all.

But the biggest problem, which I’ve discussed at considerable length elsewhere, is that no matter how much you tweak the numbers in the game code, it won’t solve the most fundamental cause of unbalance in the game: the fact that players with more time to play and more friends will always have a massive advantage over players with less time and fewer friends. That’s something you can’t fix with nerfs and buffs.

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