Strange activity In Purple Lotus Swamp

Today I was in PLS looking for some Mats. While I was there, All of the Basalt was kept at 10% or less. I would watch on the mini map, and I would see each node go to in use, then less than a second later a different one would be in use. I observed the same player several time would just appear from nowhere, mine that one available Basalt, then disappear. I saw him at 3 different nodes across a very large distance. This could not be attributed to lag.

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It’s not uncommon for hackers to use their hacks in PvE as well, there are videos about people using Comber in dungeons (check Moriala’s videos) and I have seen people use the teleport cheat, that some use in mini games to instantly cap the flag, in dungeons to teleport outside of the play fields invisible walls in order to reset the boss and not wipe. That player you encountered probably used that hack as well to skip the running part of farming resources.

Yeah, its pathetic but nothing can be changed about it, in your case you might just go into another instance to avoid the hacker.


I saw the same thing happen back in 2016 when i farmed some materials for my guild city. I guess nothing has changed. As Force already said, you just have to get in a new instance and continue your farm there.
The esiest way is to travel to your guildcity and it will create a new instance for you. The only downside is that the nodes will start from 0% in a new instance if i remember it correctly.

/Ubermiley the farmer


There are no cheats in Age of Conan. Must have been a biig lag.
/Ubermiley the slow death strike on a PoM

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Man you just saw the teleporting hack, that came from paid-cheat pack. You can google it easily. Bun FC does nothing about it since creation of AoC…

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how can you ban for cheats in game without any anti-cheat system and such laggy servers so barb on speedbuff is teleporting as much as that necro in PLS

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maybe FC can buy some anti cheat software of ban cheatengine ID?

but cheatengine doesn`t allow you to teleport, does it?

paid stuff allow, what it change?

Yes the cheat allows you to teleport. Hags has been around since day 1, and there have been a ton of teleporting over the years…


Farming mats is a huge pain. Be to sell or build a guild city (T1 not so bad, T2 is painful, T3 pretty much impossible nowdays).

BUT to pay for a hack and bot farm takes just a “special” kind of person. As does any hack, PvP or PvE. It a time for a break, go outside (maintain social distance) drink a beverage, something.

It’s a game.


Just now I saw a player in purple lotus swamp. He’s doing the exact same activity as you described. Teleported to a basalt node, gathered one time, and teleported to other basalt node, gathered one time and teleported to all basalt nodes over the map. I took screen recording thus I have a solid proof, but the history of my interactions with GM in this game made me pessimistic if that video can be useful. But still I want to ask, would any GM want to see the video and deal with that teleporting bot ?

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They don’t seem to honor videos as any proof.

Last week had to block 2-3 goldfarmer spammming. I guess they are back?! and the right-click “Report” menu has no appropriate option to report them. oh well :frowning: