Strange Inventory bug - hidden items

Today I found something unusual and it made reference to the Kinscourge. That got me interested in some of the lore, which I started reading on the wiki. Very cool stuff. It talked about the past, when he was an arena champion and the dragon he fought. He was awarded the star of the champion for that battle, which he pinned to the dragon and burried it. The dragon later returned as undead and when you kill it, you get the star.

So I went to my chest of unique items to look at the star I knew I had from a previous kill. It was not there. I searched all my storage and nothing. Nothing in inventory either. Welp, no biggie. I’ll just go kill it again. I did so. Looted the Star. Guess what? It created 2 stars in inventory!

So, my thinking is that somehow it became an invisible item in inventory, which makes me think about the bug that has been reported about people loosing items from chest and inventory - might they still be there but in some sort of digital black hole?

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You are not the first or only one: Items not showing in invetory,

My tipp: Always pick up lootbags and stuff with “TAKE ALL”. Then you also take the invisible item with you…

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It is a bug i remember in really early days of the game…1st do not panic… the thing is still on u if u picked up all on bag… Now if it doesnt show,u can check 2 things… 1) short ur inventory in order other than custom… this way the inventory will take the top slots for items… take ANY random thing and place it at the 1st empty slot in ur inventory… if thing returns back to chest, then the seemingly empty slot is actually taken. And 2nd keep an eye on ur weight… If u drop all ur stuff in a chest and ur weight is still above 0%, it means u r not empty…
Now, how u solve this issue… lay a bedroll (or be near a bed) and simply remove bracelet… When u pick up loot at ur dead body, all stuff (even the ones u do not see) will be again visible and u can pick all up… kinda annoying cause u need to keep an eye at all times (or keep ur inventory sorted in any other way than custom, and double click what u pick up (to check if it retutns or not),but that is the only way i am aware of to deal with this bug

Hope it helps

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