Strange UI - transparent bottombar background?

So I know it’s possible to have a transparent bottombar background because that’s how the Lurvi setup is. But for some reason, there are no options to make the other bottombar arrangements transparent. Does anyone know where I can find these options in the mod folders so I can try to mod it myself?

It’s very simple. All you need to do is modify the customized bottombar.xml.
Near the beginning, there is something like :
<BitmapView bitmap_gfx="../../Customized/gfx/bottombars/SOMETHING.png"/>
Try to modify it to <BitmapView bitmap_gfx=""/>

Report the outcome please, because untested.

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Actually, even removing that line should do the trick.

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My man! I figured it out, using your suggestion. For some reason, altering that line didn’t work though. I might not have done it right, I’m not sure. However, I just went to the gfx folder and simply deleted all the black box background pngs. Worked perfectly. Thanks bro. :wink: