Strangely Two cache keys for some people today

As title says - and I don’t see this anywhere else so here it is . . .

It’s either by mistake
I am blessed
Or a gift

(either are entirely plausible at this point)

The last row of event rewards shows a cache key + a hive but you don’t actually get the cache key if that’s what you mean. If you just mean the regular daily reward gave you two keys, I’ve had that happen before but I’ve no idea what causes it.

It’s just the regular login rewards background image being shown instead of the anniversary one. There’s no extra key.

I’m sorry to say but I got two keys.
So have others.
Seems also - if you’ve already logged in today and claimed the give, without getting the key, it appears on another toons login screen - if you have one.

I’ll explain again
Anniversary reward screen showed a hive and a key, i claimed it - it didn’t say I got one but I did.
Next screen is regular / patron rewards.
Today I got the key I usually get ( it says I received the key as per) and a weapon distill.
I now have 2 keys.

The key appears on the anniversary login rewards screen but you don’t actually get one there. It’s just the default background image. It’s been like that since Monday when the anniversary login rewards UI reverted to the default one. The key on that screen is a “lie”. It’s very obvious if you have Item Loot turned on in your chat window.

I got 2
If it’s a mistake then this is better than the anniversary login rewards for the entire event thus far.
It’s not just an image it’s an actual key.
I checked my keys after i claimed the first one and there it was in my list of keys, shards, tokens etc
(not sure about anyone else) but mine did come from the first screen and the 2nd came from the 2nd screen.
Either way - i’m happy.

Also your image there shows the signet catalyst, hive and key
mine was the last row with the hive and key showing - and indeed received.
perhaps for some there is a key and some there isn’t.

The screenshot is from Monday to illustrate that the problem with the rewards screen goes back further. But fine, you win. Between over a dozen characters, none of which received any extra keys, clearly I must be wrong. :wink:

Yes, it seems (from some peoples explanations so far) if you already claimed a reward today - say at reset time) and got no extra key - then it doesn’t give you one on any of the toons.
But i just logged in and got 2.

I’ve no idea how it’s happened either and Pilch also said he/she has said it has happened before, except for them it was from the regular patron screen. Who knows why or how, but it did happen this way - for me - as i have explained.
I’ve edited the topic title.

Seems patrons got 2 keys and non patrons not.

I have multiple patron accounts. So far, none of my characters have received any extra keys. The rewards screen shows an extra key, but I’m still only getting one per account.

You should definitely petition to have this mistake fixed.


IKR but i’d probably have to wait quite a while for a response . . .
Not sure if the logs go that far back either :face_with_monocle: