Straw hats, or kasa ... Battle Pass


Does anyone know if the Straw hats, or kasa, from the images in the Battle Pass (second season) are available?

… or if they are going to be…

I love the Ronin style from ghost of tsushima, and it would be pretty cool to finally get these type of hats in the game.

The yamatai one is kinda “lame”, compared to the Ronin ones.

bazaar armor set, probably gonna cost 10 usd (lame af)
next rotation, just wait

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I hope this kind of stuff appears. But yeah. The prices are a bit exaggerated.
If they were (at least) half of what they are I would have bought some stuff from the Bazaar.
Love the game, but most of the times the game does not love me. XP

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agree… gonna buy a lot of things if 50% price
old DLCs left a mark… odd to me spend 10 usd for single item, after i bought all DLc packs (1000 items probably) with 4-5 usd each :sneezing_face:

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I would never buy some fancy armor sets or weapon sets from Bazaar. There is already too much of it and 95% of that I will never put to any use.

Only things I am willing to buy and do so are plant-like decorations with more green stuff to add to my base, or the flamboyant feasts (perfect decoration for fully function pubs with acces to the placeables for anyone.

That’s an understatement. They’d have to be half what they are just to get me to consider waiting for a sale! And it’s not like I haven’t bought anything I thought was overpriced in the past, but there’s a difference between overpaying by say 10% and overpaying by 150%.

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Some people defending such prices…
like you know this is only premium items, no need to buy it
I disagree… premium items only works if people have variety common items in the shop around.
Since old DLCs are gone, only what left for purchase is premium? that’s not good.
What i am saying… we need variety of items and prices.
For ex 3-4 armor sets each new chapter for 1-3 usd
and maybe 1-2 definitive premium ones for 10-20 usd. I am ok with that.
But they should be really piece of work, smth like that, glowing, with some effects (maybe sound too) but still purely cosmetic.

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