Streamin from Saga Server

Hey Guys,

im commin back after 5 years of break from the game.
i will stream my saga adventures. if someones interestet in watchin,
come to
streamsnipers also welcome :slight_smile:
are there any other streamers?


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Are u going to play nec again? :wink:

Welcome back. I stream regularly and have been for awhile mostly during Us prime time. Link is in my bio.
I’ll look into hosting you during eu prime time to help boost your viewership.

That being said if any other aoc streamers want me to auto host you post a link to your stream.

Awesome! Will you be streaming it today? And what time? :slight_smile: Welcome back!

ill stream again too, starting from launch.

beacor not sure, im thinkin about gooin melee this time
spreadicus ty man, i will return that favor, wont help you much with my like 3 viewers, but i guess the intend counts :slight_smile:
spynosaur_nicole i will, startin with saga launch

@all: language is mainly german, but i´ll try to talk also english if there are english viewers

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I also will be streaming my shenanigans! Glad to see other streamers popping up here as well. Feel free to stop b

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Cool , ill add you to my auto host list as well bro.

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Nice one!