Streamline Servers

Anyone who uses or is thinking of using Streamline Servers as a host, DO NOT pay them in advance for any service. They will not credit you for time either to your account or as a refund. I paid 3 months at a time for the server I used to run with them and still have about 1 1/2 months paid for and they will not credit that time to my account. They said the only thing they can do for me is reactivate my server for the remaining time.

I am curious if any other service would refund - prepaid time if you decide to cancel mid-term? This excludes a break of service on their part of course.

I have had servers with Gportal, Nitrado, Ping Perfect and Streamline. The first three would at least credit your account for unused time.

Streamline does not do either an account credit or refund.

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Good to know, if I want to move my servers to another company at a later date. Thanks.

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