Strength vs Agility Playstyle questions

Just wondering if it’s on the dev’s radar will there be any other str weapons play style addtions now that Agi covers both ranged and close combat fighting styles. Will there be anything to give str based player play style diversity of combat that agi spec players will now have or will str just be stuck to only melee range making agi clearly more appealing from a role playing and combat effectiveness stand point.

Even if not adding new weapon type maybe just adding weapon combo interactions that give str player mobility or tactical variance in play style. Just something I thought I would bring up as a player who enjoys the str power fantasy I find we get forgotten and put in the big dumb punch things box, when there are plenty of cool way Strong characters can fight and play as long as some creativity is applied.

Heck the progenitor of this game Conan is a str build lets not forget about the big boyz!

thanks for the time Absolutely love how you guys are trying to give us great content and love the creativity with the sorcery system.

if this was put in the wrong place let me know please

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