Structures decay status changing abnormally

Game mode: [Online | official PVP server]
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: NA

i logged in last night, walked around a bit and at one point even walked past my map room. the next day (today) i logged in and noticed my map room had vanished. it was built in the open (not on another structure just the ground). i checked the event log and it stated that the structure map room had decayed after randomly changing to normal decay time then rapidly to abandoned status. this all happened in less then 24 hours so basically my map room straight up disappeared for no reason. i also noticed my fish traps in the water had done the same thing but have not fully decayed yet. hopefully i can get my map room back :frowning:
hopefully a dev can fix this issue and possibly contact me so i can give further server info.(PVP so id rather not say on here publicly)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey. If you build something like that in the open with no structure pieces around (foundations) the decay timer can start from only 2 hours until you put some structures under/next to it. Always check the decay timer with a hammer and put some foundations to get the max decay time.

Hello @StevieWonder, to add to TrioXT’s reply, you should always place your structures over foundations to ensure that they share the decay time with all the building pieces linked to those foundations.

Did you happen to verify the decay timer for that map room with a repair hammer before logging out?

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