Structures, elevators, thralls disapearing

I just bought this game this week and last night as well as the night before i built my base at the bottom of Tower of bats (north end) PVE conflict 1517 PC official server. i made elevators to get to top as to harvest dry wood easier. everyday when i log back in it’s gone, at least part of it is. it’s a 2 part elevator. i also have had thralls disappear, and i also spent a ton of time collecting for my first well to have it stop working on day 1, how do i get my stuff to not disappear, and get my well to function again. I’d love to continue playing and get my 7 days to die clan to switch over but i can’t tell them to buy a game that doesn’t save progress when it should. it would be a waste of time and money.

I’ve check validity of my local files via steam.

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