STUCK at "Connecting to Authentication Servers..." After a crash

Okay… I JUST started playing this today. I was practically dragged into the game but one in I was really having fun. Then it just vanished. Now warning, just back to desktop.
(FYI, HIGH TECH user since 1979! I’m 59 now, have been doing this stuff for a VERY long time)

On reload and after entering the password I got he usual window “Connecting to Authentication Servers…”. And Nothing more. Music plays, Launcher menus work, I can CANCEL or quit and reload, which I have done. I checked Task Manager to be sure all was closing completely.
Twice I had to manually close the leftover file. But that was after actual crashes.
I tried several different things INCLUDING reboot. I EVEN changed my password on the web site. I DID PURPOSEFULLY Enter the wrong password to see if it did the same thing.
It did not and was a proper error code and asking for the correct password.
I EVEN put my password into Notepad so I could cut and paste it so I would not typo. I entered my info properly. But was stuck waiting for up to 10 minutes for it to clear.
I am on Windows 10 Pro 1903 Build 18362.113 (SLOW Ring Insider build, VERY Stable)
…up to date drivers…
Asus X370 Prime MB, Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3300Mhz
ASUS Strix GTX-970 4Gb
16Gb Crucial Ballistix 2400 DDR4 (2x8Gb)
Solid 300Mbit Bandwidth with ■■■ with Pings under 50ms.
I have LOTS of power for this to run smoothly. I was definitely online as I was talking to he friend that got me into the game. Through the internet.
But still, in trying to log back in, I cannot get past the Authentication Servers to log in.

Blarney, there are folks who are more skilled than I am at suggesting how to get around technical issues. You might want to search the forums for previous advice while you wait. I will say I hope you hang in there. Good luck with resolving the issue. I know that windowed/windowless mode and DX9 vs DX11 seems to be frequent discussion points in the settings. Also, it occurs to me to wonder if the authentication servers happened to be down or something while you were trying…

This is mostly an issue with the steam client, but I suppose it could happen to a standalone too? Since OP descripes typing in the password, i assume this is a standalone client.

I think I’ve seen this caused by corrupted settings before, so maybe try finding the “Funcom/SWL” folder in local appdata and deleting it? You’ll obviously lose any in-game settings you’ve changed like chat windows or keybinds, so make a backup first in case it doesn’t solve the issue.

Just checking, but are you saying you got back in after 10 or so minutes?

One thing that is common with sudden crashes is the server believes you are still in-game, so you have to wait for the server to automatically log you back out before you can log in again.

This was not purchased through Steam and perhaps that was not such a wise decision. I hate to think I have made TWO bad purchases this month. (Also bought No Man’s Sky), but at least i might get money back for NMS. This one is weird.
It will sit forever at the connectinig to Auth. Server. It will eventually cause a crash and I select to end the program, but it;s still running. I have to go into Task Manager/Details to find it and end it manually. Otherwise trying to run it again gives the error that it;s already running.
JUST ran the “Repair Broken Data”… Maybe that will work…

I was out of the game for over an hour thinking the same as you. When I just followed other advice and deleted the data (moved to a temp folder) I was able to log in, but while it showed my new level 4 on the list, it crashed when I tried to load it. VERY UNSTABLE! Maybe a total reinstall?? Lord I don’t want to do that. It would not let me change options telling me I have to create a character first, but it showed my character and still cannot further load without crashing.

did you update NVIDIA drivers to the latest by chance ? Latest ones are known to be bugged and cause crashes. The latest working ones should be March drivers.

You can also try to change from fullscreen to borderless window mode or vice-versa. Also change from directX 11 to 9 may work.

That or maybe your charachter got bugged …

While there are a couple bugs ingame that may cause crashes, most of us play a quite stable game, so I am sorry to say that it must be something on your side :frowning:

Opening a support ticket by mail could be another good move.