Stuck at "Generating Content" screen randomly

When my game tries to load any content, there’s a chance it will get stuck at the Generating Content screen. Sometimes the AoC process also disappears from my task manager and I can’t even shut down the application manually.

I’ve already tried to change to fullscreen/windowed, changed the compatibility to W7, repaired broken data with the game launcher, moved the game to a SSD and nothing seems to work.

Is there any solution?

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I’m sorry to hear you’re sometimes having trouble loading game content when changing zones. If the steps you’ve listed haven’t helped, you should submit an email support ticket:

This will allow us to escalate you to a technical support specialist, who can request the type of information we need to investigate the problem further for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, I’ve found the solution for this problem.

It appears the game reconnects to the server every time you enter a different zone. I don’t know why they made it like that, but my VPN drops my connection and I can’t load back in.

I had to turn off my vpn to solve this problem, now I’m stuck with my delicious 250ms ping. Well, there’s nothing that can be done but I can play the game again.

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IPVanish seemed to work (which is banned in many third-world countries). I am not sure about GPNs.