Stuck at Reading Content

Unable to login to the game…just stops loading at Reading Content. I end up having to Ctl-Alt-Del out of the game but then same thing happens. Please help, otherwise game is unplayable.

One possibility could be to try and start the game in DX9 if you are running DX10. If that lets you log in OK, you can try switching back after you’ve logged in to a character, run around a bit and logged out again.

That fixed it for me the one time it happened…

Yeah, seems to make no difference whether DX9 or DX10, it happens often enough that it’s making the game unplayable which is a shame. I was hoping perhaps someone on the forums could help me out.

In my experience, usually it’s network problem, like network dropping some packages. Do you have the possibility to connect with a VPN? Sometimes it fixed the problem.

If you have Nvidia try setting the 3D Settings in the parameters according to the 3D application

I have been experiencing this issue since almost 12 years ago now, with different computers, video cards, motherboards, cpus, … and internet providers from different geo locations.

I also believe that it is a network issue, but not on our side, it is on the servers side prolly.

I also remember that on my old cpu back in 2008, when i was using my mighty Xeon 3330 overclocked to 3.8 GHz, i did not have this issue, but then i switched in 2009 to my first core i7, and i started having this issue, so, it might be related to a race condition between the cpu speed of the client and the servers timing.

Also, when i have been forced to use a crappy laptop with an old core2 duo cpu, just to enter to the game to claim the daily rewards, i never have experienced this issue, and i was using a 3G connection from the cell phone.

So, who knows, this issue has existed for years, and Funcom never acknowledted about it, or maybe they have been not able to test it on their side.

That’s something I noticed too, even though i’m not sure if it’s related to the cpu or to the disk. However, it’s a fact that if the connections is a bit laggy, the chances to get stuck on loading screen are much higher, and if the connection is dropping packages, you might not be able to load the game at all.