Stuck behind a waterfall

I jumped down from the top of the waterfall and tried to slow my fall with the wall now I am stuck at the bottom

If there’s no way you can get out (jumping sometimes solves it), take off your bracelet, spawn in the desert and go get your loot back, @reaperjd . You’re pretty close, so you’ll have plenty of time to make it. You have 30 minutes before your loot despawns.
If you are playing on Single Player, use ghost from the admin panel to release your character.


I thought about that, I didn’t want to risk losing my stuff.

Do you have some fiber on you or some hide? :slight_smile:
Make a bedroll and see if you can place it from there anywhere nearby :smiley: then you don’t have to run far.
Or if you have a katana, try to dash with that. If you have nothing then wiggle!!! crouch!! jump!!! roll!!! and pray :stuck_out_tongue: but not to Crom cuz then you’ll be stuck there…
(if you’re in single player you can always ghost through :stuck_out_tongue: )


You are in an easy area. You’ll do fine. If nothing else works, bracelet off and leg it! :smile:

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yeah pretty much all I can do is climb in place doesn’t let me move at all.

I went ahead and killed myself and luckily I got all my stuff back.


If you’re in single player, try admin teleport

Trapped in waterfall

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